Why is Phan Sao Nam campaigning the president?


Sunday, November 18, 2012 14:00 PM (GMT + 7)

On the afternoon of November 17, continuing a trillion page, The court chairman asked Phan Sao Nam: "Why did the accused know that his investigation agency was just hiding?"

Case records show that when the gambling line appeared, Phan Sao Nam fled. Afterwards, the men voluntarily came out on September 12, 2074.

"Why does the accused know that their searching agency was just like to hide it?" – The leader asked the leader.

Phan Sao Nam, who was emigrated from 2-9-2017, when the defendant was unemployed, unknowingly abandoned. "During this time, the defendant did not receive official information about those who wanted or were tried to defend the person back. But he also heard the process to inform information, developments in Vietnam, "- It was introduced and released, this is a" shock "to protect the person.

"Protecting the person wants time to think and review of past events. Indeed, the person has never protected himself and # 39; liaison with the law, although it should be known, so the person does not know what to do with the prohibition, is investigated. The defendant wanted to remain alone for a while to think about what he did and decided to return. "- The order of Sao Sao Nam, the lawsuit from 12-9, that is, 10 days after the defendant. Vietnam already.

Carson & # 39; bosses & # 39; Gambling Phan Sao Nam for the animal? - 1

Phan Sao Nam holiday in court

"Is there any specific information to protect the person that the inspecting authorities can investigate the ditch?" The chairman asked. Right and responding, the family has information to protect the person here.

Earlier, a program maker said that the number of defendants paid by Phan Sao Nam is more than 1.088 billion, with the number of property blocking more than 249 billion, the -the authority was that the total asset was re-acquired by the person who defended more than $ 1,300 billion (over 90.7% of the incredible illegal profit). "Protecting the person is actively cooperating with the research organizations to influence the effects," said the producer.

Lawyer Giang Hong Thanh (Phan Sao Nam right) asked the person to defend how he would reduce the remaining 10% of the money?

And others, the person will try to encourage his family to be encouraged, contact relatives, friends will See if they can get extra loan to get over. "The dedication also aims to make a significant contribution and then there is an opportunity to work and add to society to increase the reforms," ​​said Nam.

"There are many ideas about the reasons why it has been influenced by large amounts. Someone said he was banned, tortured, some said he had 10 trillions in benefits, and some said that even His brain problems. What is the real reason? "A & # 39; ask the lawyer.

Phan Sao Nam said that the sum of over 1,000 billion people is huge. If you just say "problem" there is no correct decision to do so.

"For individuals, just after the inspection body has been inspected, within 1 month of working with the inspection body, the accused person gave a direct comment to leaders of the research organizations, so that their search group can help the person with their relatives and friends to get this money back. Within two weeks, a & # 39; most of the more than 1,000 billion in reimbursement of money immediately. Most occupations were completed in less than two months when the person convicted the animal to the search, "- said Nam.

"According to the research documents, the defendant still has $ 3.5 million in the Sinpapore Bank?" – the leader asked the leader. If it was donated, a relative paid a prior interest. The money also comes from the income that cost us; gambling group.

Also related to the amount mentioned above, representatives from the procuratorate stated that this is to move abroad and to move money to hunt the money store.

Defender Phan Sao Nam said that this was reported to the inspection group. This is not a cover-up. This sum of money should not be wholly voluntary and actively informing the inspection authorities to suggest that this is a silver glue.

"This is the money given by the defender of a friend to get a loan in Vietnam, in Vietnam's money. Then, for their resources, that friend would have to pay back. In Singapore, due to business accidents, international payments. The defendant also agrees to agree. There is not enough oversight payment, "he stressed Nam.

Representatives from the probation also noted that, when the investigation was completed, the defendant reported a "opinion" to legal bodies, showing all income sources, co-ordinated, divide by law enforcement agencies as to actual Truth handling, reasonable.

Phan Sao Nam writes for & # 39; to value & # 39;

"On 8 November 2017, he wrote a petition for the crime … Why do you have that idea?" D & # 39; ask the lawyers.

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