Why is the quality of AFF Cup 2018 design good, is it bad?


Organizing organizational representation content makes the quality of the image, television at the 2011 AFF Cup equal.

If you are watching the games at the 2018 AFF Cup, it is not difficult to find out that the games are of a quality or consistent. The first game, Vietnam's audiences were surprised when the quality of the image not only makes it easy for observers to see the game but the aims of Anh Duc are not scheduled on the screen. Southwest At Vietnam with Vietnam, Regardless of the quality of the image and the director made a great deal of responsibilities, the image and sound of his game were pretty trousers, a weak shell.

The 201 AFF Cup is near the round record.The 201 AFF Cup is near the round record.

Recently, Van Toan's controversial member when he met the Myanmar into the Web but was not known, and the move was not slow in many cases to review the audience. Why in a league does the quality of television vary so much?

Indeed, at the AFF Cup in 2018, there was not one unit that achieved all broadcast content. Perhaps the same is consistent with the company in many countries, the unit that is responsible for a & # 39; Creating the content of a television unit rental in the country where the live production is, and # 39; recording, and filming The Post The data was then transferred to the organization's headquarters in Singapore before being moved to copyright stations for distribution to fans. As a result, the quality of the 2018 AFF Cup is clearly dependent on the knowledge and equipment of local stations.

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