Why is the rate proposed by Nguyen Van Duong the highest?


Today (22/11), the Public Court Court court continues to & # 39; Confirming the first issue of "trillion gambling". In the tomorrow's case, a & # 39; Most of the defense defense team defense team Nguyen Van Duong (who was Chairman of the Investment Development Board of high technology – CNC). Representatives from the activists will protest their ideas.

The court scenes this morning (22/11).

The court scenes this morning (22/11).

VKS representatives agree with the lawyer's opinion that the CNC Company is its Department's face company; Police for the Prevention and Control of Crime of High Tech Technology (C50 – Ministry of Public Security) from 2011 to August / 2017.

In the case of the lawyer's case, Tran Hong Phuc stated that Duong's defendant's sentence was Phan Van Vinh's defendants, Nguyen Thanh Hoa and Phan Sao Nam, representatives of the process that the process Nguyen Van Duong inspector just inserted The revival amount of more than 240 billion, equivalent to 15%. At the same time, the person who left Phan Sao Nam has been in & # 39; paying the 90.7% reform phase. Nam has added to the work process, the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Information and Communications have been praised when he is still not guilty. In addition, there are guardians To actively assist the survey group, and so enjoyable with four situations that are in place. growing.

Father Tran Hong Phuc at court on 22/11.

Father Tran Hong Phuc at court on 22/11.

According to representatives of the VKS, Duong has become a director, and Phan Sao Nam is a leader; start. During the investigation, Duong did not have to submit more than 240 billion voluntarily; The house on the 4th floor of the CNC Company can not be sold as a replacement, then the family will be able to sell it. get over voluntarily.

In addition, the new CNC is only 800 billion incomes and it is proposed that the building be released to pay 500 billion, Investigators ask 500 bills to pay, but Up to this level, more than 240 billion.

The lawyer described the problem, defenders Phan Van Vinh and Nguyen Thanh Hoa "back back" for the complaints line, the benefit and how it will handle it? The procuratorate representative said the benefit of the two defendants is to be clarified at second level. The decision making process is two accused of Vinh and Hoa, the prime minister on a balance between the public and the new crime in the same sentence. Vinh defender is an old warrior, who was a decorative warrior of the armed forces, who are worthy of much; The accused of Hoa, his grandmother and his father as martyrs, has also done a great deal.

Defense of Nguyen Van Duong.

Defense of Nguyen Van Duong.

It is a case for lawyers to clarify that gaming gambling is three legal groups: Nam Viet, VTC online and CNC, what role CNC is doing? play? Representatives from the activists forward their views, the CNC took the instructions. The Superintendent Named, the time before he worked with CNC that the content of the content on his / her game was but it would be difficult to do it; apply for license New arrival. When Yang tells him that he can not take care of his & her; case, the new parties cooperated.

"The process is to run this gearing game, the public security agencies need to explore but it is clear that CNC has a connection to the situation of its company. Advertising of the Rikvip game, to figure out the number of customer care … CNC, VTC online and NamViet have not released gambling games, because the distribution must continue to comply with the law giving "- said a proxy representative.

In relation to solicitors, the new payee payer can benefit from a & # 39; playing, although CNC does not benefit. Representatives from the provost said that CNC worked with the pay intermediaries, Rik's agents (real money) and the benefit of this work. Most of the agents & # 39; Rik sold, ie the scrapbook was so loaded so the CNC sales grew.

Lawyer Nguyen Van Duong stated that the number of CNCs was compatible with running cost; game. In this view, representatives from the provost said, "When the guilty is, the money stored in a software deposit originally counted on a bankruptcy, must be restored, it should not be be removed. "

Earlier, when he had listened to on 21 November, when a representative of a proxy said that Nguyen Van Duong in the court was unreasonably discriminated, there are two offenses in "systematic complaints" and "voting money ". The head of the CNC play team had adversely affected, which meant that many other offenses, equal to officers. Illegal income is more than 1,600 billion, and then Yang has a cash payment. Duong's behavior is "Organizing gambling", "silver glacier".

So, ask the request for a & # 39; A panel of two crimes against "Compliance on the organization" and "silver vowel" by the 8-9 year sentence in the jail for "gambling organization", 3-4 to five years imprisonment for "Money Network" 11 to 13 years in prison; which was proposed to attract more than 1,600 billion bills that were illegal Yang and other criminal assets.

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