"Why is this picture trout? We're not sorry," said Vicky Xipolitakis


Vicky Xipolitakis He marked a great deal of education when Salvador Uriel, the child who was born a few weeks ago, came back as a result of her relationship with her husband, businessman Javier Naselli. But how is life media, She could not escape the scandals and starred in a mischievous program when calling in 911 asking her husband's police to be introduced for domestic violence after a strong argument.

The days passed and things went down a lot. Even at New Year's dinner New famous He was very laughter with his parents, brothers and also with Naselli and his son. As nothing happened, she put up the picture of her Instagram Sources among the facts about a stronger divorce in the media and exhibitions of exhibitions.

Now, an model 2019 celebrates controversial drawing in which he eats a lot of clothes and leaves a carved image for a few days when he becomes a new math. In her arms is Salvador Uriel too and some fine walls are decorated and # 39; Postcard to her social network account. Excellent and very interesting. Vicky surprised the webmans, although some were sure he was not about her body, but something had been moved

"After 15 days of giving birth, revitalizing, New Year, new life, here with @salvadorurielok we invite you every year happy to all! # Happy2019 we really love you ", divide the message to & # 39; Greek with his fans.

Picture of h mph East North Easterly He sent more than 54 "amazing" miles in just two days, and he retained hundreds of ideas, but many were unhappy with the editorial multiplication that has the offer icon of mother and child. Read some of the strongest missions of Greek dialect in the social network, where users have complained about how to get them. Using photoshop bad photos and dealing with the amazing image.

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Veily pamelita.pollita, change an emergency photographer or digital editor! Or not the company with whom you are doing these pictures! They steal the wheel, they do not know how to use Photoshop!

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