Why is Thuwunna still a lot of room?


Before a game, over two hours, the stream climbed around the gates around her; Thuwunna garden to enter the centers. The expected view, the Thuwunna stadium is capable of employing 30 miles of seats.

But, as soon as the whistle becomes open, the blade still has a room. In particular, the C and D still persist in the seated people. Perhaps, for different reasons such as jamming, the listeners did not come in time. Previously, the Myanmar Football Association published, selling tickets to the stadium and looked at it. game. The ticket accounts around the garden have also been very early compared to time; game.

Vietnam fans on Thuwunna Stadium – Photo Duc Cuong

With a reserved range for Vietnam audiences, the number of 2,400 tickets does not appear to meet Vietnam's needs. Vietnam fans continue to run to find the tickets before the game.

Although there are only a small number of audiences, but two words "Vietnam, Vietnam" are sung, people with the heart of Vietnam appear on the field. And indeed, that support was a major cause for the fight of the Park.

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