Why James could be back at Real Madrid this summer


The future of James Rodriguez is up in the sky. Colombia's Real Madrid attacked midfield parks for two years to Bayern Munich in 2017, means the contract is up this summer, with the Germans who have a single-sided option if they want to keep the player. That is to say, Bayern Munich decided.

If the German arm is to keep James they need to save 42 million euros to Real Madrid. Last summer, they expected to pay up and keep it, but according to Kicker, the thought in the room has changed and Rummenigge, Hoeness and his company have been changing, Now more interesting without making the choice of buying. If so, then, then James returns to Real Madrid the next summer, with a contract running until 2021.

This result is not any real Madrid leader to be difficult – with several arguments to embrace James. to return to Bernabéu. Solari, the current lack of aims of the team came and fans' love for Colombia but some of the reasons why a James return to Bayern return to stay in Madrid.

Sidan is away and Solari runs

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James was leaving Sidan.

Sidan is the main reason for James. Although they got on well together personally, a French coach never believed in a & # 39; player, who sent James away. In his last season under Zizou's order James did not play 34% of his minutes and on 59 Real Madrid games he only took part in 33. But with Solari on his & 39; pond to 2021, Colombia would Return to a coach that values ​​football. The Argentinean says he would be delighted if James was coming back and the player would be more happy than a game under it.

James is dreaming of a & # 39; return to Real Madrid

James understood his brother when he signed his name for Real Madrid in 2014 and now he's a dream once again: this time of return to Bernabéu. Indeed, this summer beyond Lopetegui was made aware that Colombia would be delighted to come back. However, the work never started because James was strongly involved in Bayern's plans for this season. James laments the capital of Spain and his / her; trying to get back back as he can. What's bigger? he is a great supporter of LaLiga and watching his & her; most games.

James is a midfielder who will be measuring

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James describes one goal.

James 36 clarified a visit and put 46 in his 111 games for Real MadridSouth-West And the truth is that Real Madrid is not in the effort of Cristiano Ronaldo's failure. Madrid has only had 20 visits in LaLiga for a long time, 14 less than Barcelona and four less than Sevilla. James returned to the threat of Real Madrid invasion.

Difficult times for Isco, Asensio and Ballet

The poor spells Isco, Asensio and Ballet are currently passing, each for their own purposes, and # 39; guide Real Madrid Manager, Florentino Pérez, discusses the sale of one, two or three. James' s return to return An easy and effective way to support the team not to go into the ferry market and her & opening its charts.

James: love with her Bernabéu

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James, in the Bernabéu.

Colombia has a constant connection with the real Real Faith Madrid. HI would come back to & # 39; means that one of the most loved players of his club will return in recent years. What's bigger, by James (and Solari's responsibility) enabling Real Madrid to strengthen the link with South America, a market that left the public club since James went to BayernSouth Westerly

In total, the signs show return to return James …

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* Update November 17, 2018

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