Why milk is one of the best things to bring to food banks


Picture: Sakkawokkie (iStock)

Today it's giving us a Tuesday, a day that's going to; Encouraging charity efforts during holiday season. Between both supporting Facebook builders and your children's children's rights rights, & # 39; You may also add stuff or grain products for your local food. Although that is amazing, there may be something that needs a food bank even more than a rose or a tuna fish: milk.

Anti-hunger group Americans and a Great American Outreach get the word out of this season that milk is one of the things you need at American foodstores. Through the grant website, the campaign aims to bring more milk milk to an American feed network of 200 food banks and 60,000 food pantries. If you think you've seen, yes, the Great American Milk Way is linked to the Dairidh Nàiseanta agus MilkPep, which are funded by the country's milk companies. Surely they have a horse in this race.

In addition, there is a genuine demand for milk at food banks. According to the "Stats Drive Drive" in the United States, people who have a restaurant serving a restaurant equals 1 gallon per person per annum. "At a food bank where I am volunteering on Monday, and I can say that the demand for milk is usually provided. Most people do not think they will take milk because it's not tired – we have fridges at our bank! And the sale will be $ 39. , as a result of the milk supplied by gourmet shops and the same as the day the food bank gets to it (You can keep the milk off on the # 39 ; date sold by the course, but not for more than five days.)

All of this is said if you're considering leaving a foodbox at your area's food bank for holidays, & # 39; A girl or two milk may be thrown into there. (Do not surrender to a Great American Online Access Online; subscribe to donations in your own area.) Milk potatoes will look more like the water cascade or the proportion of the green beans.

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