Why Ronaldo Dayala changed?


Ronaldo will highlight the aim of doing it; Copying of the long-term postage Photograph: Twitter Getting out of the corner with jerk, turned to & # 39; body and raised both hands up and down on the back and said, "CEE …". The celebration of Cristiano Ronaldo is now the trade mark, Kylian Mbabp. Like the football player, in the age group of this team, Yapana did. And that's why Ronaldo has decided to pay Paulo a & # 39; mark the copy?

Juventus won 3-0 against Sassulon. Turin's supporters can not be satisfied with her; advantage in the enemy field. The reason is that the club is not unhealthy in the event of a disaster. It is considered that the future of Juventus, in the last minute, that day, was to bring down that day's light. Where all the people dreamed of Divala-Ronaldo's pair, they are Keep this day away from the eleventh coach Mashimilliano Alligree! Yesterday it was dropped in the last seven minutes of the game. The result of the tension is considered to be the relationship between coach and daylight.

At the end of the game, Allgie wanted to blow these words, "We could even go to Cristiano and Diabla. But we needed a bigger team. Sassulo is a A very strong team in the field. So I have used players to help achieve this purpose. "

Ronaldo has shown that it does not matter what the coach says, the Divya's favorite players are not as good. Following the second goal of the team, Ronaldo showed a signal as a trade marker & Gladiator Mask & # 39; at Lathabal. Many will see Ronaldo's love as a party to the party throughout the day.

By the end of the game against Permaam, Deibala left the playgroup, Since then, he has been having a cool relationship with his / her; coach. Although both of them reject something, they sit alongside each other in one way or another. The tower in the market, Juventus can be sold on her; market. In that case, Juventus Escrow will take the side in Real Madrid, which is not needed. Interestingly, the conflict between Solaris's personality conflict with Isco in Iscari has made a permanent place for the player on the bing.

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