Why salmonella should not obstruct the Thanksgiving


NEW YORK (AP) – There is no reason to give a dinner cleansing due to a salmonella breach attached to raw turmoil.

That is in line with health officers who have been watching the & # 39; break a year. But they say that it is a memorial to your holiday bird to be properly prepared. Cooking will kill salmonella.

Perhaps the recalling of this week will result in a land of turmoil leaving you with some questions when you reach turkey plague.


It is estimated that Salmonella is extensive in hens, and it is very legal for supermarkets to go to; Sale of a raw Astrology. Part of the philosophy to allow salmonella that people do not eat a fairly rare chicken, Timothy Lytton, a lawyer professor of the State of Georgia University. In 1974, a court said "American women's wives and chefs are usually unreasonable and bad" and they know how they are preparing food so that people are not ill.

Even though salmonella is not banned in raw meat or chickens, rulers will ensure that the number of samples of processing plants is intact; Make a positive test for the medicine within levels. There are more rigorous rules for full turks, and the industry says that salmonella in the whole bird is "very low."

The Turkish industry identifies steps that it needs to reduce the risk, such as to # 39; using antimicrobial jugs.

The rules are different for other products. For example, salmonella is not allowed in a packed diet that is not cooked to kill a german.


Since the beginning of last year, the reference related to crude Turquoise is caused by one death and a description of 164 illnesses in 35 states. Until this week, governors could not attach any issues to a particular product or product. That is even though researchers said that 29 plants were killed and processed unprotected for the salmonella infection that was involved.

Remembrance may be impaired because federal regulations are consistent. The U.S. Department of Agriculture to salmon salmonella but can ask companies to return materials when they are clearly responsible for illness. USID Carmen Rottenberg said that the executive group can not do it until it has enough evidence.

According to USDA, the people who received food poisoning reported a variety of types of products and brands in turmoil. Issues also included people who were in a position; Handling raw pets independent pets or working with live turks.

Salmonella is spread through animal meat. It is sent to & # 39; blamed for about 1 million cases of food poisoning each year, with signals containing a & # 39; diarrhea, burning and stomach cramps. At least someone who is ill depends on the strength of their illness; hard, the amount and the feeling of the person, USDA notes. But the group says that salmonella cooking should be killed.


The USDA tied any illness in Arizona to Jennie-O's turkey grass. Jennie-O was commemorated with a turmoil from doing one day in September from a manufacturing line in Wisconsin. Use the dates of use in the early October packages but they could still be in waiters.

Directors say that more products from other companies may still be associated with the diseases. Parent company Hormel Foods Corp. It was five of the 29 plants that were there; good proof for his / her judgment.

The continuous situation does not mean that there is more food poisoning from salmonella. Finding better to find statements that may resemble unexpected issues, said Sarah Sorscher from the Center for Public Interest Science.

"It's giving a light out of a problem long," she said.


Health officials say that proper treatment should be taken and any salmonella cooking should be killed. Remember some points:

– It seems like it is an enemy, but an arrow in Turkish turkey – can send any messages.

– Clean hands and cooking laird who comes into raw crude.

– Run birds to temperature within at least 165 degrees.

Richard Carlson Hormel does not emphasize salmonella in chickens very unusual and that proper treatment and cooking should be removed – even in the turmoil by Jennie-O who was called -they. But rulers say to throw him out.


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