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Investors did not get a lot of interest Clothess (NASDAQ: AAPL) published a fourth fourteenth earlier wage this month, largely due to the fact that guidance was in place; company falling short on what the Street was; design. It may not have helped the additional uncertainty about changes to financial statements, since shareholders are preparing to lose their vision on iPhone, iPad and Mac unit books. Special providers have also warned of a potentially weakest application for the new iPhones, including AMS Austria, which reduced its & # 39; fourth appearance in the morning today.

That all adds to parts that n; give 15% of their value from the report. This is why it may be a buyer option in the cover.

iPhone XS and XS Max

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Stopping for sale of units

For beginners, Apple's registrants have a recorded history of overcoming supply chain facts (myself, sometimes), and that's how much they are doing; happening now. Despite Apple's best efforts to focus its focus on iPhone units, there are still reservoirs in & # 39; Explain how many iPhones the company sells in any quarter; It could be said, "it does not really represent a fundamental strength of our business."

The service industry is constantly increasing, and it's a enjoying the uptake that is going on. The extract is extracted by artificial as a result of Apple's & # 39; accepting new revenue recognition status, and under the new re-assignment generate $ 39.7 billion in revenue in 2018 fiscal (compared to $ 37.2 billion as previously stated). It is worth noting that the new classification was considered when Apple had the objective of doubling duplication of services by 2020 compared to the 2016 fiscal year.

Word on the Street

Morgan Stanley changed his mid-midnight on shares with a price target of $ 253, and again argues that market is still targeting units, Despite the value of Apple Services. "Inspector Katy Huberty says that owners should benefit the additional services business, because their mobile phone market has been coming to a full extent for years. It was always unavoidable to include sending iPhone unit book pocket

In addition, Apple could make decay faster this year, after finally having iPhone X supply constraints. That explains why it is said to be; decreasing orders from existing suppliers. There are also some reasons for supply gifts warnings when the technology titanies have already been reputed. Remember that Apple has been hitting her & # 39; His quarter pre-season in December for the past two years. The company has the reputation of having a & # 39; issue conservation guidance.


Financial Management

True Taxes

Q4 2016

$ 76 billion to $ 78 billion

$ 78.4 billion

Q4 2017

$ 84 billion to $ 87 billion

$ 88.3 billion


Outside services, major purchases will continue to continue; earning employment growth, in the opinion of Huberty. Apple has been accelerating the re-purchase activity after last year's tax reform. The company still has $ 122.6 billion to return to shareholders before reaching its indirect aim of money. At the same time, Apple & Crafts at a salary of 17 hours is discounted S & P 500It's 22 hours old; of many jobs. There are a long list of the reasons for selling this money, but that's a good news for long-term investors who are selling them; looking for a chance to buy.

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