Why should you stop a SMS message about the motions in your account?


You know – the SMS comes to the day, you'll know the instant immediately – it's a bank message; there. Did the cash pay come? Did not my last cousin put the money for that food? Jay, today 15, has paid for the internet. And you may not even know what you've got for the money you came in for; There is no bad description of the payment. In a short time, the SMS with information on the transfer to the accounts was good in recent years, but now new technology is much better.

Why notify SMS information on account trends?

You may say that it does not make sense, since it is a real service; Free, so why not use it. But is it very useful? What does you tell, as well as doing some change? Certainly, you will get basic information in the report, but may not be finished or clear.

And what if you want to get closer to the business? No, do you want to get the money you get next time? It is unlikely to do anything – the SMS does not provide you with information and it's not a # 39; give you more choices.

In addition, almost all those SMSs are not working. If your phone is entered into your hands without permission, the person can easily see the full history of your business. And you're not sure you want.

The future is in PUSH notices

Once you have entered the classic PUSH phones for a SMS message, you will never want to go back.

The general apps on your phone do not have the same advantages. In the first instance, they are interactive – you can click on them and they will be re-directed directly to the application. You do not have to resolve any SMS, click on any location, just after you have found a switchover, you can open the application with one click and look more closely at the situation.

In addition, PUSH notices will be saved by phone. To see a report on your account, you will find it in your application. You can only access it and anyone else can search your account history only between SMSs.

Customers Tatra's bank can forget about SMS

If you're a client Tatra Bank, there's a good news for you. You can now turn PUSH messages into your mobile app. You quickly come up with you do not need any SMS queries and we do believe it will be deactivated sooner.

The article was created in association with Tatra banka.

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