Why was it taken to Russia, who lost France in the Vietnam market?


According to the General Education Department statistics, in the first 10 months of 2018, a car sales record from France, Russia and India was not included in Vietnam. The vehicles that came from these countries, especially cars over 9 seats, trucks and special vehicles.

The "new soldiers" are struggling to stay in Vietnam

French cars, which are present in Vietnam, usually have two models of Peugeot and Renault, but the product is completely different. Peugeot was collected and sold in the showrooms of this business throughout the country and maintained good sales in the higher education department.

Renault Models when it is officially distributed in Vietnam

Renault Models when it is officially distributed in Vietnam

In the case of Renault, after almost 7 years ago and its involvement in the Vietnam market, This car has "dropped out of the case", and # 39; withdrawn from the Vietnam market in August / 2017.

"High prices, trading systems, showcases and a limited service are the obstacles to this car to win customers," a & # 39; define one trader.

In addition, according to the traders, "Renault has been in Vietnam since 2010, but it is very difficult for them to expand their development." At the difficult time of Renault, Vietnam started to change its arm fee. (SALW) in 2016 and reducing the tariff on export from ASEAN from 35% to 30%.

He said that the Renault models have a strong market competition and the reduction in the price of motor vehicle operators, exporters and domestic cars since 2017. By pulling out , contractors also have a call sufferers or require licenses, to move business reasons.

The failure of a French commercial car company has left bitter for producers, Vietnam's businesses are also hostile to Russian car salesmen, U. Lor, including Lada, when Vietnam's ambitious is from 2016 and 2017, but since then it has become extinct.

Vietnam's car market is very similar "

According to a trading business, there are two reasons why Russian cars are easy to enter Vietnam, one from policies such as the 20 Ministry of Newsletter; Transport, and tightening on trademark policies to limit the devolution to do business. car.

Uat Patriot from Russia is sold in Hanoi.

Uat Patriot from Russia is sold in Hanoi.

But the second most important reason for the problem is when the car market in Vietnam U is not satisfied even though the price of 350 to almost 800 million VND / model but within poor has been done significantly Vietnamese customers want to let money with Russian cars.

Doan Van Phuong, a Hanoi car trader, said: "To open an agent, a showcase of a ten-billion dollar dong, and a large amount of loans, must have a capital café. Payment for interest and expenses The factory, equipment, and license fee … the agent's bear, as long as the whole product is with the agent Conduct all if there is no way to live.

According to Mr Phuong, learn from the lessons learned from French car or Chinese car dealers in the past, many people do not want to be the agents to bring cars in Russia, the main car customers in Russia. especially for car groups, Russian car stakeholders or off road service.

According to many experts in the car market, although Vietnam is a potentially marketable market, but also its marketplace is "really reluctant" for a car industry around the world, namely the name of General Motor Vietnam, Chevrolet distribution centers have been received after more than 25 years of work.

Recently, after the abolition of a sales list of car sales in Vietnam, General Motors has accepted the & # 39; the plant, the production line and the trader for VinFast, a Vingroup subsidiary. The company will have a & # 39; creating a small Fadil series that is going to go to the market.

With over 25 years of history in Vietnam, MG has a good market in Vietnam, but they must also allow VinFast to obtain all businesses and an independent distribution group.

Nguyen Tuyen

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