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▲ Type Town & Village Shop Festival. (Picture / Narrator Zeng Yuting)

▲ The Baile Mòr Rural Shopping Festival starts next day. (Picture / Narrator Zeng Yuting)

Network Center / General Report

The Black Shopping Festival on Friday, known as the "Double 11" in Europe and the United States, will be the first time tomorrow (23rd), and the main stores and export channels will capture business opportunities . One of the most spectacular of these is an American market, which is a great deal of "Zombies" that washed away at the Black Shops Show. In addition, to prevent the home from being more beautiful, Carrefour, Quanlian and other major shops have continued to launch the BlackBourish Festival. "ETtoday News Cloud" has set up a black shop festival with a slow lease, and wants to catch a gun. Do not miss the ones free.

▲ ▼ activities of black shops. (Figure / out of web page)

▲ The retail of the town's retail festival will be announced tomorrow. (Figures from the official website of their home)


The town said the date of this year's "Black Fair Festival" will be set at 11/23 ~ 11/25, 13 Taiwan's corporate stores will be held, and to respond to a large number of people, the The former 13-branch business industry opens over Taiwanese, The door is open from 10 hours from 8:00 am to 10:00, and this time is not at present. However, it is stressed that the events and discounted price codes will not be announced in advance. However, according to the special products that were launched last year at "Black Shopping Festival", the initiatives are unlikely to expect, and some of the products have only a specific offer. These include consumers who can buy 60-inch Sharp TV users for a 45-inch inches, with a price of 38,499 yuan.

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▶ ︎Tain Black Festival "Tag Show" card

▲ ▼ Carrefour Golden Gate Store. (Picture / Narrator Zeng Yuting)

▲ Carrefour launched the Siobhan Dubh Festival for its first time this year. (Picture / Narrator Zeng Yuting)


This year, Carrefour launched the "Black Friday" bid for the first time, and # 39; The first wave from 21 to 27, with the second wave from 28th to December 4, including home appliances, toilet paper, day-to-day needs and other goods at favorable prices, such as Elek The cleaning machine just also below 75 per cent. The original price is 9900 yuan and the price of the member is 7490 yuan. Another consumption of 888 yuan can be used for 9 yuan and stone.

In addition to its corporate access, Carrefour online shops also launched the "Black Friday" offer, which focuses on 3C, home appliances, entertainments, about 20 things, and, offers good members to 30-hour members. The business said it was hoping to attract users in terms of increasing the level of spending 1 to 20% more.

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▲ ▼ All-in-one. (Figure / photographic information)

▲ The All-China Benefits Center is likely. (Figure / photographic information)

A friendly benefit center

This year, the All-Union also launched the "Black Friday" message. Within 11/23 to 11/25 within three days, there are more than 100 pieces of black packaging, black stuff, black products, etc. Donation, including black coffee, black pine and salted SARS, black pill offer grass, black soy milk free from Yimei sugar.

▶ ︎The average contribution of "Black Friday" is coming! The All-Union is the first to add 100 pieces of cool black stuff.

▲ ▼ activities of black shops. (Figure / out of web page)

▲ Black Shopping Shop Studio. (Figure / out of web page)

Studio A

Studio A, one of Apple's distributors, will launch Friday Friday from November 23 to November 25. A large number of benefits tools will be released, and the iPhone version will sell 16GB of the 4-screen screen at an original price of 15,500 yuan. As far as 3,000 yuan; iPhone 7 Plus plus 32GB benefit device as long as 8900 yuan; already out of print for iPhone X 64GB to kill 4.5 folds, original price fell 35,900 yuan to 15,900 yuan

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Tsann Kuen

11 / 23-26 began the Black Shopping Festival and played a 50% discount on the hotel.

National Electronics

11 / 21-11 / 25 to present the current offer, the official website of a limited open commercial editorial purchase for purchases, 3C, home appliances and other benefits products, the maximum discount of 10,000 .

Chimo Shopping and Super Mall launch

▲ Chimo Shopping Center and the launch of "Super Five Things Good Festival" (Picture / Renewal from Chimo Shopping Center)


Yahoo Shopping Mall, Super Mall

Publishes 11 / 22-11 / 26 the "Black Five Good Things Festival", which is specially designed to include good things from all over the world. Every day, activities such as buying a & # 39; get one cheap, 50% off, and 50% off all the time. Enter the "Yahoo5" discounted code in the Super Mall and specify an amazing reduction for its shop.

Selling cats

The 72-hour APP is restricted to a 6% discounted discount, and is a 12:00 p.m. and 20:00 p.m. code.

Life market, a beautiful market

From 11/21 to 11/27, the "Thanks Thanks" section will be launched. The minimum loss of 1.4 folding. The station is free to enjoy 2% of collecting points.

Back Money Network Workshop
It launched a restricted plus-time plus-code code campaign with at least 22%.

▶ ︎Accepting business opportunities Friday Fridays is a Taiwan trading company; continue to participate in the war and his / her. wavelengths of progress

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