Wild stories in Bariloche: fish, scraps and hers; Burned with Stalker and "Wheel Watch" – 01/01/2019


In Bariloche, a city was filled for 10 days with 30,000 "extras" residents but harassed by the summer season in the south, there was a worthy view of the movie "Relatos Salvajes", by Damián Szifron .

On December 23 at 7.35 directly on the Enflein street (parallel to the main Miter), between Quaglia and Villegas, the middle of a group of people blocked conversation in a blow, streaming, listening to, & # 39; injured, injured, broken glass and brutal disaster that lost two cars almost completely destroyed. Dìleas de film script B. It happened in the mountains that today maintain a 80% hotel.

The pictures of the chaos were recorded by another motorist camera The rarely that holds to & # 39; banned and with remote camera at Earth Station 91.3 Mhz recorded the events from another.

The Río Negro police had not yet given official information about the changes happened 9 days ago, but at the same time it was arguing that Suzan Volkswagen's young driver had a strong and strong debate with a girl's group; walk, after trying to surrender and two met.

The young women, as well as a friend, responded to surrender from each side of the carriage and they went to the door. struggling to get out through a window, until accelerating the young person's acceleration by & # 39; escape the place without being cared for if there were more pedestrians; crossing it or other vehicles. In his escape, he ran over a boy who built the ground and hit Peugeot which had two lines.

All this amazing process was seen by a Fiat Duna driver who was moving slowly with the people involved in her. brutal conversation. When he realized that the young man tried to escape, he began to keep it up to a full speed until the Suran was able to escape; hitting the front. After stopping, the Dune is accelerated again and will be thrown forward with an unknown destination.

As a result of the impact, the young man in the car was travel and divorce. Immediate health staff moved to their home Divisional Hospital.

The images that the neighbors publish in the networks are not unfair. The Duma lost everything behind and the Suran was not made without use.

On Facebook there are already bills that want to "make a collection to help the Dune" because they think it's truly unnamed. There is a truth in the community; shows that the insurance did not pay Duna driver because it is a function.

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