Wilderness of tornadoes News


In Phu Yen, Bui Van Thanh, Chairman of the Tan An People Committee, said: day 18.11, a tornado lasting more than 2 minutes. covering all tents, Comm Dong Dong, Thuy District.

Sea seasons were also injured at least 8 people in hospital and a further 19 were injured. passenger cars and dozens of motorcycles that dropped into the cottage were causing serious damage.

According to Nguyen Kim Thanh, Chairman of the Ninh Dong Commune People's Committee, there are 45 roof houses, four high-power power stations and one transit station with a source of 100 KVA, a hectare size The flowers are badly damaged .

There are also craft trails in Hoa Tam Commune, Dong Hoa District (Department of Phu Yen), causing falling house and over 100 houses. This density is in about 10 minutes and leaves a lot of damage: the leaves are thrown across the place or pressed on the wire; Gate ponds of the village of Pococ Tan were poured with a reinforced concrete that fell; Mobile wiring and telephone wires will be cut off.

Weekends happen suddenly and do not miss it. Most houses are closed, so the damage is very heavy. Mr Nguyen Van Tien's house was located in Phuoc Tan's shrine, Hoa Tam commune, which Ho Hoa area ranged to the roof of the house with 5 to 6 m. At the winter, his new wife Tien should be at # 39; look after her neighbor's shelter. Mr Dinh Van Hoang's house (also in the shrine of Pouoc Tan) was over and over 120 m2 of metal roof. At the same time, Mr. Luu Van Vinh's house (in the village of Long Pouch, Hoa Tam commune) was completely destroyed, while his wife was away with only two daughters at home but fortunately, two children just under bed legs

Mr Le Tan Thao, Former Chairman of the Dong Hoa People's Committee, said: "This humane hitch has caused bad people in Hoa Tam commune because strategic people do not block, and so stop at home. We manage beyond the effects. "

Thunder also caused one death by lightning, victim of Ngo Thanh Dong (23 years) in My Hoa, Hoa Thinh commune, Hoa Hoa (Phu Yen).

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