Will 3 different of the Samsung Galaxy S10?


Samsung Galaxy S10 is one of the smartphones that start to & # 39; already pronounced for 2019. If your company is still loyal to your situation, we will see, but this year can be more than 10 years after the first Galaxy came to market. Back then Galaxy S was sold and later the Galaxy mini came out, a small version of the project. But this time we may see up to three versions of the Samsung Galaxy S10.

More versions of the Galaxy S10

A company is up to something and very big. It is the tenth anniversary of your digital phone and you know that you need to do your homework to surprise the audience. And it may be that in 2019 that year Samsung hit the board with what we saw with Samsung folding a few weeks ago. The Infinity Display Flex is the future of the company and b & # 39; This is the fourth phone we see next year in the highest range.

But let's remember what is being dragged on, what access can we have three models of Samsung Galaxy S10. This bankruptcy with the company's schemes up to now, or the place, is connected to today. So far, the company has only released the larger version and a larger one, but can we see a smaller version?

Sammobile says new models of the border range are confirmed in Russia. At this time only the names in the code of registered devices, which respond SM-G973x and SM-G975x, we need to add that SM-G970x this is the typical version & # 39 ;. Everything indicates that the S10 + is one of the modules long & # 39; The other one will have a double SIM.

samsung s10 confirmed

What is expected of the Samsung Galaxy S10?

They appear not to have a stop in the offices in Korea and 2019 have a come in and know they are going to go; invade years and present a new reception. We have already seen what the company is capable of the image, including up to four back sensors, one of the features that may be at the Galaxy S10. We know that the latest one will be with the Exynos 9820 process, but it is still too early to measure what the ultimate features are; at the airport. Do you want to find out how Samsung's mobile phone is in the future?

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