Will Cavani leave for Neymar riot? The Italians see it in Naples


today 12:40

The SSU Naples football team could return Uruguayan Edinson Cavani after five years.

Strì is involved in Paris in Paris Germain is still busy with the Neymar team team, also announced in the decision on Saturday of his native country with Brazil (0: 1). The French team's co-workers have not handed their hands to London after the force's end, which has inspired the debate, especially in the Italian media.

The wound is under Vezuv too; Announced that President Napoleon Aurelio De Laurentiis was always planning to go to; return to the Cavani club, played 103 league games at San Paolo Stadium and got 78 goals in 2010-11. In his words, however, Uruguay had to pay his pay.

For Slovakia Marek's one also works, it is a priority to include quality; forward on. According to Tuttosport, the club would be able to turn to Cira Immobile if it was a failure by Cavani. Roman Lazio has 9 visits and 5 helps in its season.



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