Will Ferrell will explain Iain C. Reilly's phrase to use the room


Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly have the guests on the last end of it Jimmy Kimmel Live, where Ferrell revealed that Reilly has a fascinating story to tell others when he has gone to the dining room. The couple talked about their relationship first, and Reilly commented on his first opinion on Farrell.

He said: "I thought, who this person, he seems to know, as we can be relative or something. But over time we got to know each other better."

Farrell said: "One of the things I enjoy about John is what I like. He has colorful words to tell them when he goes to the ambulance. And it's been one of my favorite terms too, when John needs a number two … you heard the word & drop down; … he just says, "Think what I need to find on my passport, it's somewhere here because I'm going to Dusseldorf . But, on a movie set, that's just shortened to you. You received my passport? Thank you, I got to go. & # 39;"

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