Will Harry & Meghan ask for their child a rule?


Now with the birth of his firstborn baby In April, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth and her wife Meghan must decide how their everyday life looks for the future of the seventh line. British.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Photo: Twitter / @ kensingtonroyal

LONDON – Wearing intelligence in the army during his visit to Afghanistan in 2013 thousands of miles of home, Prince Harry cut down as he said to journalists: t “I'm one of the boys, I can't be completely treated.”

A baby whose first child is due in April is expected to have decided on the “ordinary” life of Queen Elizabeth and her wife they want to have the seventh place in the future. British crown.

“I don't think there is a member of the royal family who have not said they want their children to be raised as usual,” Ingrid Seward, editor t The Queen's Magazine He told Reuters.

“Even more,” the queen said she wanted all generations to be so prevalent at his feet; children. But with the media attention, it's not possible to build an entirely normal view. ”

Harry is very aware of what comes from a royal king.

The marriage of his parents to the throne, the heir to the throne, Bonnie Prince Charlie and his first wife, Diana, was played in a public seat and his mother was killed in a car accident in Paris in 1997 as the limousine. Suddenly she died, and her lover Dodi al-Fayed died when he escaped from paraparazzi.

In the last two years, Harry has been talking openly about his mental distress at his mother's death when he was just 12 and in subsequent years he has fought with royal status.

“I did not want to be in the place where I was, but at last I pulled my head out of the sand, I started listening to people and decided to use my job for good,” he said t the interview with 2017 Newsweek.

“Is there anyone of the royal family who wants to be king or queen? I don't think so but we will do our duties at the right time. ”

Diana had been committed that her two sons should be withdrawn from his royal expenses. She took them on trips to the cinema, to McDonald's, and to a theme park.

“Thank you not that I am cut off from the truth. I'm sure I'll have a normal life, and if I'm lucky enough to have children, they can get one too, ”said Harry.

But how true is Harry's dream? Opinion polls suggest that he is one of the most popular royal boys, with the 92-year-old queen and his eldest brother William looking for the best place, and not t Hollywood actress marry more interest in the media and public interest.

“I can not see that this child is indeed built in any other way than in any other way, and with much confusion,” said Robert Jobson, author of “Prince Charles at 70: Our Future King”.

Meghan, who has been swapping with members of her own family to feed the dough, does not give her a clear insight into the bags that are issued royal, on a public statement the lifespan of life for the baby.

However, Harry has had talks since the pregnancy said that they want their children to not be valued on their back.

“You don't think it is someone based on how they look, where they are, or how they mark,” Harry told 12,000 students at the Wembley Arena in London in March.

As well as raising himself, Harry and Meghan can look at other royal people 's experiences. Willie is trying to protect the privacy of his children, George, Charlotte and Louis, and to date the media have accepted requests to leave them alone.

“In reality, they can do so inside the royal kings,” said Claudia Joseph, author of “How to Dress As A Princess”.

“We have seen that William and Kate sent George, Charlotte and Louis out of the community eye and William and Harry were left mostly behind to leave university.”

Royal author Jobson whatever Harry's and Meghan's aims are, it will be almost impossible for their child to take away all of his background.

“I don't think it would have to be a member of the royal family but it will certainly be for a long time.” T

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