Will it be red? America of Cali is now ready for quality & status; Diego Herner


America Cali Continuing to & # 39; to improve what will be in 2019 in the sports field. Among the latest news about the scarlet club is not restored Diego Herner, a player despite being aware of the purpose of having a & # 39; stay in the Pecke & # 39; Castro.

After being against the Argentine defender, the scarlet would already be in another foreign stranger pack, Paraguay Rubén Darío Monges Figari, at this time at service Lugueño Sportive

For 25 years, Figari came to the Auriazul & # 39; in 2017, as well as being spent in teams such as Libertad, Rubio Ñú and General Caballero, everyone in Paraguay.

The main defender has also set up a Paraguayan U-20 team, and levels of America from Cali were dealt with, where managers would learn their induction possible in 2019.

When asked about the case, the player said: "I know that there is an interest from America but I hope the Paraguayan competition will end, let's sit down with my representative to talk about the situation," says Monges .

Leaving Danilo Woods and the only visit to Diego Hérner, (most likely) the club would already promote international status names for the situation. Monges He played 35 games, suffered him away and made 2 goals (to 3 February and Cerro Porteño).

Here is the full interview Rubén Darío Monges Figari for the Free Smoke Area program on its possible registration:

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