Will Kucka play this year?


Juraj Kucka's Swedish football representative could have been lost for up to six weeks for injuries held in the League of Nations League (4: 1) in Trnava.

It would mean that the midfielder 31 of Trabzonspor in Turkey would not be involved in the " the autumn competition. Turkish media commented on Wednesday. Kucka was investigated in the magnetic re-installations survey of the day after its game with Ukraine, which revealed the degree of abdominal muscle problem. The medical team in the national team tried to prepare the player for the next week in Prague, Eden against the Czech Republic (0: 1), but he failed. The Sparta Prague or AC Milan player, after the slaughter of the Sailing goal was killed, finished the damaged garden and brought it to the heater.

"Even before we put horn on top, and with some of the Ukrainians I fell and I struck my hip bones, it's hard for me, but I still have it; going to play, I had the chance to kill and I got a fragment. I still saw the ball falling to the goal, I fell from the pain on the loft and I knew it was not; I can continue. He was also a luck in bad luck. I never made a score and I needed to get out of court, "he said after his competition with the selection of official website Andriy Shevchenko of the Swedish Football Association (SFZ).

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