Will Paris Hilton return to 2 million?


Paris Hilton has broken a contract with Chris Zylko.

Paris Hilton

Two years ago, an actor started a few weeks ago

Chris Zylko

, which she spent in January this year, as long as she was going to. skiing. As the media says, the 37-year-old man realized that Chris was not the right one for her.

"Their relationship has made a lot of progress, and did not take it in. Paris travels dramatically, as it promotes the series of skincare and chimney materials throughout the world, and he wants everything best and can be a friend "

said the source.

Zylka gave a finger to $ 2 million diamond on a wedding. She wants to go back now, but she is still in Paris.

A couple met in 2008 in a party, but he did not; they grew twin in 2016. Paris did not respond at the end of his charter.

Paris was already involved three times. In 2003, her relationship with

Jason Shaw

, and in 2005, by

Paris Latsis

South Westerly

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