Will Smith tried to name Lewis Hamilton for Gra-Abu Dhabi


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Shooting a famous actor and a funny bidding Formula One competition

Hamilton and Smith Smith. Picture Instagram

Hamilton and Smith Smith. Picture Instagram

The American actor Will Smith and the British pilot Lewis Hamilton made a comic video on the evening of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Indeed, Smith tried to take part in the race instead of Hamilton, after he joined the pilot.

"Hey, Lewis, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. There's something like that, listening, this is the only opportunity in life, and you've already won a case. Spit on the race! friend, "said Smith Smith to a tied British athlete, and later he went to Hamilton's car in the" his helmet.

However, the team rider noticed the place he had put in and Smith sent out the stones.

Lewis Hamilton won One World Formula Championship ahead of scheduleHowever, this did not affect mood and pilot. The final race of the season – the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – was also left for Hamilton.

Earlier we did that The record of Michael Schumacher was broken by Kimi RaikkonenPost Office First and First Finland's last influence over 15 years on.

Remember that The Russians were not allowed to buy the Formula 1 team, although they offered more moneySouth-West "Force India" was sold for 117 million dollars, although the Russian company 160 million.

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