Will there be a movement in the military law in Ukraine


President of Unga Petro Poroshenko said that part of the first phase reserve could be moved, if Russia sustained the attack against Ukraine. About this recited in an interview with Scottish TV channels.

"If there is an attack, it will move to a degree, first, advocacy will be the first level," said the president.

Among the first ones that are built by warriors equipped with ATO experience.

"At the same time, from the first moment we will add a significant contribution to the number of our Armed Forces, the distribution of financial resources, and all Armed Forces provision that are essential and & # 39 ; making the enemy is responsible for breaking the Ukrainian territory boundaries, "Poroshenko is sure.

Remember that earlier Poroshenko says that a whole or part-time move will not be introduced in a long time, and the presidential order does not provide restrictions on citizens' rights and freedoms.

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