Will Xperia XZ4 Sony brings the new smartphone screen format, which is 21: 9?


The World Mobile Transport Show this year must be a warrior. Since the new smart Samsung phones will be issued before they start, and the Huawei P30 will start one month after they have finished, a company needs to look good. In fact, the best conferences for those with folded tools are the most important part of the program, but we would like to see something innovative in the range of ordinary smartphones. That's what we can expect from Sony.

The Japanese over the last few years could not be referred to as smartphone revival For a long time they continue to design one style, just for taking Careful of reducing the frames in the Xperia XZ2, which has already been the result of other delegates. Xperia XZ3 was a legal change to the previous ones, but the Xperia XZ4 can be an example away from the oldest sisters.

Sony used to say that he was present at MWC 2019, a short teaser, saying it was time for his "new look". Those who are missing on Sony's smartphone phones will link this slogan with the intended Xperia design. They are equipped with a very unusual screen with a ratio of 21: 9.

Sony has several smartphones on MWC. In addition to Xperia XZ4, we should also see Xperia X10 and X10 Plus (instead of XA2 and XA2 Plus). The company is usually a & # 39; organizes its conferences on a Monday morning, which is very dangerous for obvious reasons, as it takes full care on Monday morning usually involving a lot of effort. The show starts on 25 February at 8:45.

Personally, I'm interesting with the "idea" to "expand" the screen with additional millimeters. Although many of Sony's ban on smartphones with equity outside 21: 9 are more like telephones telephones, it's really interesting for me. The more it affects me, rather than over the years I thought that it was very willing to change – and here I am. ask. I would like this test to be successful.

Sony Xperia XZ4 "is best in many ways. More information is only this proof

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