Wilma Elles is full of wealth!


Kanal D in Turkey for the first time on the name screen "And it's an appropriate time" the series by German and his actress Wilma Elles, the real estate of Tycoon in Turkey. Well-known creators who make real estate investments in Turkey; "I bought 16 flats in Turkey and one in my shop. My investments at least doubled in Turkey thanked your benefit. That is, a flat that was deposited three years ago – to double its value

Turkish real estate has invested 500 million pounds of Germany's finest support value in Düsseldorf My Home Turkey Real Estate and Fair Investment that took place in renowned names.

"I always constantly invest in an estate"

Participate in an exhibition of famous names from the German player Wilma Elles who is invested in Turkey with the investment of jobs and said at least to duplicate. In Turkey, 16 flats and a shop taking Demirören News Agency (D) to & # 39; Elles explains, "to Turkish people living in Germany, both who need to invest in a country to invest in Germany in the other country; stay in Germany that is always very sophisticated. Because Turkey is a sunny and wonderful country holiday. Who would not want to stay there. I'm a & # 39: I think it's brilliant. For retirement. I always invest in buildings, because I work hard as a player. So I invest in a rental estate to I can not deal with other jobs, for example; I just rent it. There's no problem after finding a strong tenant. I had good experiences. Olumlu

"God's Prayer made me more and more than doubled the investment in Turkey"

Germanian and actress Wilma Elles, "I had more than doubled the investment in Turkey thanking my gratitude, so the flat price that was deposited three years ago has now been overwhelmed, iki He said: I live in Turkey, my main center in Turkey. I look like that. Now I look at what it has. The quality of construction It is also very important that we have the largest construction companies here. The companies are really trustworthy. This is a big home for Turkey, a shocking organization. Zaten has already had a strong partnership

The 500-million TL support for the very good estate department in Turk with the sale

Support from the Ministry of Environment and Town Divisions, Demirören Media and İSTexpo Trade Fairs, a strategic collaboration of the Lineadecor, official sponsorship THY, the visitors' doors in Düsseldorf , a & # 39; Germany. sales of 100 million pounds were sold with a million pound sales. (Picture)

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