Windows 10 and the Start menu, how to submit more entries by opening it once?


Start menu is one of the most important elements of Windows and specifically Windows 10. Over and above it has developed and enriched developments. Some proposals are very practical.

Do you know that it is possible to make a number of requests from images on Windows 10's menu without opening it many times?

As File Explorer, the Start menu is a vital part of Windows's success. It was not until Windows 8 was released that Microsoft realized. In 2012, when this version was turned, the giant thought that he had sent him away very hard. When he was finished he took on the desk and then confused Windows 8 as a whole problem.

Microsoft had to automatically react to Windows 8.1. This version tried to correct the settings, but a big popup window has been given by Windows 10. It even benefited from events caused by the introduction t , for example, fine sculptures. Yet their success is mixed.

Windows 10 and the Start Menu, thanks to Windows main!

Windows 10 and Start menu

The purpose of the Start Schedule is to recommend a rating of the applications present on the machine. He also launches the campaign more quickly and easily. When you click on an icon, the related software applications and start menu will be closed. This behavior cannot be made more appropriate. The exercise makes it possible to launch a number of applications by opening it only once.

The only thing to do is to try and keep the "Windows" key. It is obvious that you open multiple Start menu software, then press and hold the Windows key when you click on the icon images.

The Start menu does not normally close and the application is open in the background. Obviously, downloading this little world can take time according to your PC power.

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