Windows 10 is the largest operating system in the world


Windows 10 it has exceeded its market share for its & # 39; The first time it was, Windows 7 is based on the latest data available for consumer abduction, which is up to 39% of tools.

Windows 10 passed Windows 7 in its market department, according to data from the data analysis company Netmarketshare, responding to December 2018, where This operating system performs 39.22% division between desktop devices, leaving behind Windows 7, which is a & # 39; falling near two points and staying 36.9%.

In September last year, Microsoft's last operating system has already been in excess of 700 million devices, based on the expanding data published by the Redmond company from time to time.

Other Windows operating systems, on the other hand, have shown their presence to fall. Windows 8 has only 0.88% of the market, Windows 8.1, 4.45%, and Windows XP, 4.54%. in terms of Windows Vista is not even shown in the statistics, because it records less than 1% of the total usage in desktop devices.

This increase in the Windows 10 market section is marked by Microsoft's commercial interest in driving this system against Windows 7, because it is only a & # 39; Dispensing Windows 10 Compatible Windows. The original distribution of Windows 10 started over three years ago, in July 2015.

Microsoft has already been able to delete Windows 7 for producers and also distribute trade in & # 39; sells & The system has stopped trying to improve performance or new features and Microsoft support has reduced security renewal. In addition, the new version of Office 2019 does not work in Windows 7.

In terms of other operating systems that are present in the market, MacOS and Linux still have a long distance from Windows. The largest Apple operating system rises in December 2018 to get a 10.65% share, as long as Linux has 2.78% of the desktop devices.

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