Windows 7, KB4493132 sets up the end of life information


Microsoft has published a new Windows 7 update, KB4493132. It establishes a warning system to inform end-of-life users of their operating system.

The giant has named him and now he is doing it. Windows 7 gives a warning that appears to be the OS in the last few months. It will be officially abandoned in January 2020. Clearly after this date, Microsoft does not provide any security.

The information system has a choice to stop these memories.

Windows 7, tap up Windows 10

Windows 7 and KB4493132

KB4493132 has therefore been sent to all Windows PCs. According to Microsoft, it is automatically offered through Windows Update. The giant is telling him

"Last January, 2020 will be the last day that Microsoft will provide security updates for Windows 7 SP1 computers. This update will update KB4493132 messages to support Windows 7»

There is no need for a system resumption so that the changes are effective.

Windows 7 is the second largest desktop operation in the world. The market area is approximately 36% against 39% for Windows 10. It is more likely to be a new Windows XP. With so many years of abandonment, hundreds of millions of computers are still in use. It will still be part of a computer landscape for many years.

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