Windows 7 will stop in January next year


Windows 7's operating system came into effect in July 2009. Since then, this popular system of operation has proved popular. One of the reasons is that the user has frighlein. That means it can be used very easily. So, even after the Windows Update version came in, most people were running computers around Windows 7.

However this facility is no longer available. Because Microsoft has recently announced that it will stop Windows 7 from 2020. For this reason, Windows 7 users also send notification to Windows 10, from Microsoft.

The Windows 7 version will be published on January 14, 2020 dead And from March 14, all updates to this operating system will be canceled. So by March 2020 you must remove the computer from the Windows 7 operating system.

Microsoft wants to install Windows 10 to replace Windows 7. Currently, 80 million fans are using Windows 10 on their computers. As Windows 7 is out, Windows 10 users will exceed 100 million expectations, according to the Microsoft authorities.

Bottom: Anand Bazar


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