Windows Virtual Desktop is coming to public test


21 March, 2019 –
Microsoft has started a public preview of Windows Virtual Desktop. The Windows tools are run in virtualized environments in Azure.

Microsoft has launched Windows Virtual Desktop, a desktop as a service named in September 2018, as a public preview. The 10 Windows 10 desktop computers running on Azure, allow multiple Windows sessions to be run on one virtual device, and are designed for enterprise use. Some of the virtual biscuit such as Office 365 Proplus is also available. In addition to Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows Server 2012 R2 + or Windows 7 Enterprise should also be offered as a bilingual desktop. For Windows 7, Microsoft promises to deliver even extensive security updates that may pose difficulties for supporting Windows 7 of its 2020 negotiation.

Windows Virtual Desktop should be part of Microsoft's licensing systems 365 E3, E5 or F1 or Windows E3 and E5. Once they are available, an Azure account is only needed to manage and manage simulated environments. Public prospectus is limited to the categories Azure US East 2 and US Central.

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