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    Session 12 in the college's football season was not on paper, but when games started, we left a number of amazing things. The winners and losers of Week 12 have changed their seasons in the hole.

    With Western Virginia suffering from the United States of America and some of the 25 big teams that are experiencing We are sure we see changing changes that affect the phone and play.

    Most of the main teams across the country were tested before they were involved. But two or three teams made statements with their winners over the top competitors of the 25.

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    There was a lot on the line where Texas was hosting Iowa State on Saturday night. By winning 24-10, the Longhorns put themselves on to make a picture for a & # 39; play either Oklahoma or West Virginia again. They would like them to have the chance to defend the loss against West Virginia, but the chance to beat Oklahoma again was also sweet.

    The Longhorns have an interesting season. Almost all games have been decided with one score, with USC, TCU and Iowa State as the oldest three groups. Their crime and protection are not consistent, but it is a good team with the talent to play with anyone.

    Only Kansas is left at the Texas timetable, and won the 9-3 Longhorns in the second season of Tom Herman. The chance to win the Big 12 competition and which Oklahoma can be & # 39; pulling off the playoff race can be a great inspiration for this program. It would also be the location of the Longhorns on & # 39; course to be played in the Year's Day Package & New.

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    The amazing adventure from the early American tattoo slate came from a new man's return to Anthony McFarland's back. The 4-star preview showed a tremendous pace, power and balance on the way to the second 200-game game afterwards. He had a great deal against the Ohio State with the full Air team. 10 on the ropes until it was last played in premature time.

    The most tired of McFarland's tall gardens are Urban Meyer's most authorized licenses. He started playing the game with a bang, because he had 155 yards on his / her; first three cars. Some of that had to do against Buckeyes's huge defensive defense, but McFarland's play created many of his rods.

    His remarkable story suggests that he lost his high-level high year as a result of a fiddle fracture and then proved to Maryland in 2017. His playing time has been uncomfortable This season is fair, but now it has more than 1,000 yards. He is also a son of NFL and LSU "Booger" son of McFarland's son.

    We may hear a lot more about the Anthony McFarland consortium for many years. He made many Ohio State athletes looking unlucky in the open field. Look for him to win an award and earn in the coming weeks and next season.

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    Despite her & # 39; winner, it is difficult to look at the two big names of the Ohio state coach workers and their feeling really. Yes, the crime led by Dwayne Haskins was good when it had to be, but the Buckeyes have been in a portion since the loss to Purdue. They have been open as a good team but who are very unfortunate because they have still been divided weekly.

    Urban Meyer's main coach is always animated on the side, but it seemed to have been Getting great health problems with the struggle and the mistakes that have been built throughout your game. Each time the camera sent me to Meyer, it was turned out in secret. Noticed by social media, and with Meyer's health conditions, it is possible that this is now too large for uninstalling treatment; endanger the future.

    The biggest problem for the Buckeyes is currently on the field that is Greg Schiano's defense co-ordinator and Bill Billis. Both of them have completely failed the young players this year. Matt Canada's interim president of Maryland is famous for its offense based on sharp movement and vocal calls, and despite that the Buckeyes still have a " falling into the warriors with movement movements.

    Schiano was looking good at Ohio State's four semi-detached buildings in the secondary schools and mid-media at a linebacker. But he and Davis have been terribly without the NFL talent that is being received this year because they have not yet corrected the lack of space control of the unit.

    If Meyer lives over this season, he must consider the reform of his defense staff. Alex Grinch was great in Washington State, and Larry Johnson is an innovative defensive coach. But everyone else should be on the hot seat.

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    Although the NFL is seeking more specific crimes that are in place; affecting imbalance, maybe he had just introduced the Matt Canada claim for the benefits. Maryland may not look for Canada to keep it longer than this season. In a couple of ways, Canada's indefinitely deterrent design and the Terrapins magic profession were just one time away from being exposed. hitting the Buckeyes.

    Canada's ability has emphasized the results of individual protectors in the space on the production of large dramas. It often causes bad occupations, however, causing a & # 39; leaving all over the country seeking appropriate access. It was not the problem; at LSU last year, and it's been better than Maryland's season.

    As Buckeyes's past-player was Joshua Perry tweeted, Canada has suffered a good look from Buckeyes defensive problems, leading to 339 yards and five touchdowns on the ground. The only reason why the lost Terps was related to the # 39; their own game passing and dwayne Haskins & # 39; Heisman who would be entitled back. Canada is constantly bringing its staff into a position to fight a deeper, more talented team – and almost won.

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    Brody Schmidt / Associated Press

    Within the second half and the fourth fourth president in Stillwater, there were a number of key drives that this team had had the opportunity to play on the play. Just a week before going down with No. 6 Oklahoma, the climbers came to an end with the defensive protection and attack constraints. The 45-41 post-minute loss was very much remembered that all teams could lose in the play of a conference.

    The Oklahoma State Cowboys broke after their first half, because they were very successful on the ground. It's not just that b & # 39; able to build regular drivers, but blocked the time of an attack by Will Grier and made the climbers start to move deeper in their own land. The strategy gave 10 points to the climbers in the fourth quarter but opened a small window for the Cowboys to get late purchases.

    West Virginia planted hemorrhaged gardens and then did not; Can they do a game that was going forward when it was needed; most of it. Grier was tied to a short pass in the sharp winds, again open because he had an average arm at a level where he had to pass down. His final pass was easy into the belt, and Heisman's opportunities were reduced to him by zero.

    Now, the Mountaineers are involved in playing as a visitor to the oldest playoff application. The loss of his breakdown; in particular, to consider how well it is; as they played in & # 39; first half.

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    Kansas Jayhawks defeated Les Miles, the leading LSU coach. Previously, accordingly Photoss Ross DellengerThe Post Although the ones who expect to be & # 39; destination earnings and gains more than regular fans, that is why worrying parties should be worried. It is unlikely to be as bad as Charlie Weis's tenancy with the school, but it is fair to tell Jayhawks that the road is easy to dislike the Mad Hatter.

    Miles was a good trust at LSU, but he has no better local talent now chosen from his / her school colors. It is the duty of updating the life of 12 at the bottom of a 65-year-old who did not know how to build a crime today. With its difficulties that have been developing talent and its; Identifying coaching wires that came in, follow it to LSU.

    And this trend is more the same for the director of the athletic Jeff Long. He recruited Dave Wannstedt at Pitt and Bobby Petrino and Bret Bielema in Arkansas. He likes great names that have some achievements on their recordings, but does not indicate what's fit for the situation well.

    Long and Kansas should look for innovation. Maybe they would be & # 39; Calling an aggressive star Matt Matt, Matt Campbell, Tom Herman and Jeff Brohm. Instead they allow Miles to try for a few years and they have to start this whole process again.

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    Achch Dill / Associated Press

    It was very bad; in the bigger look early: Alabama and the Citadel. For one half, the Citadel played enough control to keep the ball away from Full Crimson& # 39;s crime, which followed a 10-10 semi-final score.

    In fact, they're full to installments in the third quarter because they are just good. Follow Tu Tagovailoa on his incredible season by completing 18 of 22 passes for 340 yards and three shows. But the Bulldogs need a credit for identifying how efficiently the triple option can be when there is a problem of talent.

    The Citadel was trying to give two games but every game, both fall completely. Instead, he challenged Nick Saban's attack with handhelds and hand-held leverage reads. The total yield of 275 yards; gutting 60 behaviors. The Bulldogs seemed to have been; respected for No.

    Other small schools should be aware of how they find ineffectiveness of their market and its use. The Bulldogs are only 4-6 years, but they have a plan that is; catching defensive teams. He also works for the Navy and Army over many years.

    Our adhesives are transported to you, The Citadel.

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    Brandon Wade / Associated Press

    Unfortunately for Houston Cougars, football fans and quarterback Dri Eriq King, the amazing player was lost for his / her rest of the 2018 season when he broke his & her; the knee handset on Thursday, DistributionJoseph Duarte. The loss was; in incompatible mix, to & # 39; take place by hand. The King is not sure a loss, but indeed he has suffered the hurt.

    He has been a great producer for the Cougars. He is one of the largest visitors in the country and finished his year with 2,982 yards and his; passing past and 36 pastimes. He put 674 yards on the ground. The King received a secret chance to go to New York for the Heisman show.

    The Cougars can not have a & # 39; get comfortably without the King against Tulane, but this is a bad one. At 8-3, this team is tuned to get an appropriate bow application. But Clayton Tune does not always break up suddenly, the joy around the team has taken a big hit.

    I hope King will return at 100 per cent for the 2019 season and continue to magic the field.

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    The ACC Coastal Department continues to & # 39; giving unexpected results. When the Pittsburgh Wake Forest Panthers met comfortably, 34-13, they became a six-year-old leg winner in the last six quarters. None of the camps got the crown out more than once in that time. Virginia's last team left behind; He could continue with the strike in 2019.

    As the serpent arrived down this place it is very interesting. With a 6-1 conference schedule and a four-game advantage streak, they are a very good example of a team that is better than the season goes on. They still had a negative point difference last week, which showed their unambiguous route to win the department.

    But three of their losses came to teams that were ranked, and the fourth was close in North Carolina. The development of the kitty Kenny Pickett has been important, but the protection has also been a great look at the weeks much better. The units were going to do things that were going on; low clouds and winning sketches, making it one of the few teams capable of handling different styles.

    Tell your story about Pat Narduzzi's main coach and the Painters. After they play Miami Hurricanes the next week, they will continue to face Clemson for the ACC title.

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    Now at 10-0 and winners of 23 straight games, UCF Knights and their ranking have hit a break point. They took care of business against the quality Cincinnati team, and the USF team is just as endangered to wait for the Knights in their normal weekend. The time played by playoff committee is; respect them to their extent.

    Maybe the Barriers are not the Top Four team, but they are almost close. The arguments that lie ahead are valid, but it is also unfair that they will be asked to formally get out what teams are going to do; record a few years just to access the playground.

    At the same time, winning Saturday 38-13, quarterback Mackenzie Milton was again a master. Its ability is moved to move that is to move to the # 39; unique and dangerous movement. He threw up a defensive defensive play again.

    Adrian Killins Jr had a great night on premium television. It is a danger as a runner and a ridicule with his sun, but came to her; Most of it was spoiled as a receiver. He placed a high season with four receptions, which included 82 yards and two times.

    I hope that the final committee of the UCF will pay respect that is desirable by placing it in the # 39; Top Six. Anything that would be less than a problem with an illegal process would only hold her to reward the Five Power team and no other person.

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    David Zalubowski / Associated Press

    The Colorado Buffaloes went down the climb, because they dropped 30-7 at home to Utah. The Buffaloes were 5-0 to start the season, but they lost six games just – all in a conference play. It is possible that they could be lost again the next week against Cal and lost their bowl season despite their interesting start.

    The crimes of conservation have continued to produce both the talented talents of Stevenback Montezerz and the broad guardian of Laviska Shenault Jr. Although Montez had hit Saturday, when Utah's defendants put pressure across his / her. game, the season has declined as the dedication to a lasting invasion. Often they are left with 3rd and long situations for Montez to revive it-for any use.

    It is possible to leave Montez after the year too. I have had discussions with delegates who think he will try a fortune in the NFL. In fact, the team's problems could change things for him.

    Another thing that was aware that the Colorado mascot, Ralphie the Buffalo, was not run for the third time in 11 years, according to the Pac-12 coverage. It could not run as a result of the snow, which would be likely to be cared for by its handlers. It was a sad afternoon; when the local fans lost their lovely buzzard and then he was in a position; bad suffering suffer

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    Howard Simmons / Associated Press

    Notre Dame vs. Syracuse is the most exciting game this week, but the Fighting Irish left their competition again in the first half. After 36-3 on the Syracuse No. 12, only a medium USC team is standing in a regular regular seasonal way for the Irish. If they can finish the Trojans the next week, they should motivate the ticket to the College's Playoff Football.

    Not only that, but Ireland is probably the third best team in the country. Every winning game should be worthwhile, and the impact of the chief against Michigan is very sensitive. One of the football claims back in a big way.

    Ireland's protection has been very spectacular, and Ian Book's quarterback led the season in ways that he can not expect. In this week, the book had a 292-yard clinic which included two first drives where it protected Orange protection as they were; runs seven-day summer seven days.

    This team has done everything he can to protect a playground. One more will benefit and the Irish must be there.

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    Marcio Jose Sanchez / Associated Press

    In the classic battle of the college's classic football uniform, UCLA Chruis Chip Kelly went to her; defeating the Trojans. After an exciting game that showed a fourth fourth point for Bruins after making a six-point leakage, then the coach on Clay Helton's Trojans is a great deal. look crystal clear. Helton's tenancy with the Trojans may be longer than after a team lost the fourth game in five weeks.

    The Trojans should never have to expect, reflecting the depth of timetable and youth at key locations. But there has been no growth, and it's likely to be impossible to get a bowl demand for 5-6 USC since Notre Dame went to town next week. If the Trojans were still 5-6 years old but they were successful in the season, & # 39; Helton might have the chance to live, but it was a very good choice from the beginning.

    The USC must have a large swing and leave the participating area for the next coach, whether it is the Helton fire. Up-and-eat entertainment, such as Matt Campbell State Iowa, should the Trojans not be able to land a more established figure. But they can not split into a well known names because of comfort.

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    The phrase "high position" is an extraordinary need, but it is particularly special when talents like Jonathan Taylor say that he set one. Wisconsin sophomore retrieved the best personalized pitch in Purdue against three-three times. He raised 321 yards and three touchdowns, including a winner; game in the 47-44 impact.

    Taylor has a seat of 1,869 yards and Gutting on the season and Minnesota has a deck next week while he's a? trying to hit 2,000. That is similar to 1,977 last year, but only that it has achieved that there is less in size (299-228) and has two other journeys. He is desirable on a trip to New York for a Heisman show.

    What has been said is that Taylor has not made up 496 yards with backup play. It is still done because there are even more of its reasons for protecting it. Purdue was physically led to move at the end of the government, and Wisconsin 34 of his 47 points in his / her. quarter and seasonal. That average is not allowed to get that.

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    Michael Wyke / Associated Press

    It has been a hard year to find 25 teams for status. There is a sharp fall after the highest 12, and there is another one there shortly after where it is impossible to make a difference between squads with a slight loss. As a Group of five competitors have risen higher, they have also faced problems.

    On Wednesday night, the Ohio University was destroyed by Tyree Jackson and the Bull Bulls. It is likely that the 52-17 Bobcats tend to complete the 9-2 Bulls offer to finish the normal season in the top 25.

    The 9-2 UAB Blazers have been incredible years but were destroyed by Texas A & M in the Kyle Range, 41-20. The Aggies, now 7-4, are a good team, so this would be reported as the benefit of UAB. As with Buffalo, it will be difficult to submit the UAB in the 25 main pages.

    No. 20 Boston College dropped to Florida State in one of the worst, most lost, consider how big the Seminoles have been on & # 39; fight last year. The loss of the eagles allows Pitt or NC State to be accessed to the Principal 25. No 24-24 Cincinnati was lost 38-13, but may not be their wounds against the UCF fall. The Bearcats were tough and competitive, and they are in Top 25. It does not seem that there is a long list of applications that are needed which are much better.

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    Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

    Trying to & # 39; playing with the third quarterback and the final scholarship that ran back, the TCU Horned Frogs kept out of 16-9 a & Baylor Roadworks to improve 5-6. Although Gary Patterson is not a good season for Gary Patterson, he's one advantage away from his bowel capability for the 17th time in 19 quarters. And it's hard to get this need with a huge priority.

    Grayson Muehlstein, the oldest in the fifth year, has won the basic things. Muehlstein played his position effectively but there was only one end in six professional games before this. When Michael Collins grew up; beginning to wound the ankle in the first season, Baylor seemed to have been in his hands. But Jalen Reagor closed a pair of long tourists (65 and 37 yards) from the wide receptor.

    Patterson can not pull one of his signature motto, and has not been a explosion offense for years. But his team competes against talented opponents despite wounds. Most programs would be & # 39; bend when they needed to fill as many jobs

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    Michael Hickey / Getty Images

    Lovie Smith-Illinois's time continues to & # 39; going on, because the program lost the seventh in nine games. Sitting at 4-7, the Illini will again leave a bowl application again. It appears worse on Mac a & # 39; Ghobhainn is so badly safeguarding her to be & # 39; do, to consider his position as a coach of defense.

    The Illini has allowed at least 46 points in all but one loss this year, with over 60 teams hanging on more than 60. It's not a good program, and these are the types of effects that it has; leads to an unlucky product.

    The protection issues can be linked to young people but also schemes. Squadron teams down the field for points, often go. scoring on three or four drivers. Smith needs to change by releasing more protectors into the place rather than hanging on defending defenses to make plays.

    There is no clear answer to what to do. Smith has cachet but did not do anything worthwhile in his three-year tenancy in Illinois. The administration may want Smith Smith to become more of a clan chief like Herm Edwards for the Arizona State is nothing else.

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    Wade Payne / Associated Press

    There was a lot of dispute around Missouri when Derek Dooley left an attack co-ordinator in January. The idea: Dooley's knowledge in concept concepts could be of benefit to the future NFL version page and the quarterback Drew Lock, but it would definitely be the case. restrict his product and the team side. Some were correct, but the partnership has been better than the past weeks.

    Returning to Dooley to Stadium Neyland was tended when the Tigers hit the 50-17 Volunteers behind Lock's arm and an effective running game. Although Dooley was far from a good coach for Tennessee (15-21 records from 2010 to 2012), the challenges of ongoing Volunteer-based campaigns after Dooley have shown that their questions run more deeply than e.

    Lochanes continue to & # 39; gathering good games. The 6 "4", 225-pounder have a strong hand but it's been OK and has fought against the crimes associated with its functions. But some of the His best scenes in each of the last three weeks, giving 760 yards, seven touchdowns and two intimate concepts.

    Missouri may be going to an appropriate bowling game. Although the Tigers are not rated, they have been competing in all of their games and could be able to access them; 10 win to win if they did not want to miss near South Carolina and Kentucky.

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