Winners and Setters of Colts 38, Titans 10


What is said about this? Again, after they had a great influence on a brilliant team, the Titanans came up against a rival division.

2016: Titanans affect Packers 47-25, convert and fall to Colts 24-17.

2017: Titanans hit Seahawks 33-27, turn off and defeat Texans 57-14.

2018: Titanan is playing Patriots 34-10, a & # 39; Turn and lose to Colts 38-10.

It is a very attractive pattern that shows your Thitans for what they are. Both are able to play with the best teams in the league on any week and capable of fully independent exhibitions in games that they should be competitive. These are the Titanans at this time. Sgioba Jekyll and Hyde at the end of the NFL, who are able to do the best thing or to throw them down with the worst week-on-week. It is difficult to say that they are more or less than that without a continuous running of their proposal; happening at this time. So let us get to the winners and losers from the game.


There are no. The Titanans were struggling in the three stages of the game, and # 39; Looking out like the team that was over the Patriots in Week 10.


Adoree Jackson

A week after the landowner of Josh Gordon, Jackson had been roasted again and again by Colts star T.Y. Hilton, which incorporated a 68-yard bomb to replace the game for a lopsided game in the early stages. Village with 9 knocked out 9 targets for 155 yards and 2 touchdowns. Jackson has been a great deal for most in 2018, but he wants to forget about this game.

Marcus Mariota

The quarterback Titans fought in the first half, and Throwing a great difference when it did not grow to try; cover in cover 2. Colts cover often began to; worrying a marit and he could not benefit from the high school needed by the best pass-

Making things completely worse was Mariota a & # 39; dropping straight down to half. After being split for his / her 4th, he appeared to & # 39; shake her hand. He would not return to his / her game; regardless of Vrabel bombing on & # 39; horizontal and the worrying concern that it was a problem of the bad badness that he spent earlier this season.

Without Mariota, this team is going anywhere. That's very obvious after Blaine Gabbert's attempt to see the second half. If the Football Marit could not be Monday Monday against the Texans, the season is well above. Stay fast, Marcus.

The entire line of attack

The Titanans took up 5 sacks, they got their case on the # 39; The injured backbone, and only 3.5 yards for all behaviors on the ground, opposed Colts' protection that is fairly good at the same time and loses one of their most talented players. A disgraceful presentation he had made from a healthy and well-organized group; move forward in the right way to come into this one.

The pass will grow

I'm finding out that the Colts now have gone 5 games just to not; let him sack, but the Titanans are sending her & # 39; which was so strong against New England as a counterpart against Indianapolis. Andrew Luck had been tossing the Titanan face all day and made them pay regular. Brian Orakpo and Derrick Morgan have gone out of this season.

Mike Vrabel

Moderate or unbalanced, it certainly makes Titanan appear to be; Failure to handle success under their new coach. They have the largest two consecutive years later by going to # 39; complete non-shows. That's at least largely a coach. Large teams are good week after week, no matter what the challenge is. The Titanans are not yet clear enough and there is a good chance that they do not get there the season. That does not mean that Vrabel is a & # 39; Failed as a main coach, but it shows that he has ways.

Today's Titanans have a game in Houston on Monday night. They won them back in the race for South AFC crown. Losing them to start to & # 39; Looking to 2019. We see how they will fit.

I would also like to move quickly to Dean Pees's good wishes. He resides in hospital overnight after he has been convicted of his / her death; game for medical emergencies. Clearly, its source is much more important than any football game. Trying to make a quick and full revival for a Titanan protection co-ordinator.

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