Winners must win and win!


Unfortunately, the ticket for the 2018 AFF Cup final is very close to Vietnam. And in the last game in & # 39; Hang Park team coach This is the benefits of having a & # 39; avoids a fascinating history that has never been seen.

Vietnam does not have to be & # 39; hitting to get 3 points.

Initially, Vietnam's home has a benefit, although Hang's ability is not as big as My Dinh. The next thing, Cambodia has gone without reasons for certainty. Even though the fighting forces in Vietnam on Cambodia on November 24th, NHM Vietnam has a " giving enough confidence to win a final impact. Historically voices show Vietnam's Vietnam's impact on all the effects over its entirety. fuel with Cambodia.

From 1995 to date, according to total numbers, after 8 events, Tel Fine won eight games, including 4 AFF Cup (Tiger Cup) games. "The Golden Stars" clarified 39 visiting the net against the rest of the club, but only 6 left. These included strong winners such as 6-0 in November 2000, 9-2 December 2002, 9-1 December 2004 or a 5-0 impact recently over October 2017.

The last Vietnam event was that Cambodia was in the Cup of Scotland in 2019. On 5 September 1977 and on Phnom Penh land, Vietnam almost hit a 2-1 home team , thank Nguyen Quang Hai. On 10 October, 2017, when My Dinh's re-move, "The Golden Stars" was then led by a 5-0 winning Ban Ban Chung coach. This effect will open the way for Phone Fighters to have the right to attend a & # 39; 2019 Asian Cup final.

However, that's the data in the past. This time, although Cambo was officially eliminated, but they are still not challenging to play Vietnam's telegraph play "extremely" as the previous 9-2 score. It is important that Park Hang players are completing the teacher's aim to ensure that there is a direct route to their; final.

Vietnam can not win the chance to win as well as to # 39; winning a deep dragon to create a stimulating move for the players. Vietnam does not have to be "struggling" to get 3 points. It is not possible for Vietnam to launch dozens of shots for 1-2 hours and can not also be able to; surrendered to Vietnam to allow them to keep clean records in the previous three games … Although they met Thailand or the Philippines in the finals, the second play is in My Dinh gives us a special benefit. The fans will surely include the fourth corner of the states in the & # 39; final and create a great deal of people, add credit to the players and again, and # 39; stress the enemy.

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