Winnipeg women are very much involved in snow conservation in the & # 39; town after they stopped at a bus stop – Winnipeg


It was an outdoor night; The films that Kate Grisim can not forget.

Grisim, which is a wheelchair, is on its way home from the Grant Park Shopping Center, but can not get to a bus stop at the place where it is usually caught by a side- out of the room with snowflakes.

He drove a number of stops to Grant Grant and Wilton Street, where she made the road over a shuttle service road, and stopped fast – for 10 minutes.

Kate Grisim is sitting where she got caught.

After being pushed out, she went to Grantown on Spey and Stafford Street where she finally got her last stop; she could reach.

"It's a sense, it's really real," said Grisim. "Everyone does not have to deal with this. You just want to relax with friends and you can not afford a public place, which is a problem."

Grisim believes that the town does not work well enough; route plumbing up to bus stops.

"The stop is to be cleaned, but it's not too clear to get a bus stop, which you think would be common."

The town says that it is a Priority 3 residential road in the service road on Grant and Wilton that is a " continue to stop, and will not be cleared until a resident mast is made.

They say that bus stops are cleaned at the same time as key paths.

"These buses were clear first," said Michael Cantor, street maintenance manager at Winnipeg Town. "We got some snow after that and made it a soft temperature that made it hard for it.

Michael Cantor, street maintenance manager at Winnipeg Town.

Just once Global News was called a call to the town about the situation, a plow came and tried to clean the place where it was. the woman stopped.

The city hopes that everyone who sees difficult areas 311.

"We have researchers but it would be good for the public to help us, we will put devices and tackle it."

Some of the area where Kate Grisim stopped on Wednesday evening was a crane.

But Grisim said she should not be worried about telephoning before an outside night.

"It causes people with disabilities and others who do not feel comfortable to get out and that's really tough." Grisim said.

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