Winter-based Winter Olympics in 2026 in Europe, Calgary residents are rejected in the referendum


Among the ZOH representatives of 2026, only the European delegates – Stockholm Sweden and the resolution of Italian towns Milan and Cortina d 'Ampezzo – were left.

CALGARY, November 20 ( – The home council in Calgary, Canada, has decided to respecting the outcome of the referendum last week, where residents voted against the ZOH group in 2026 in this town. The information came from

The Swedes and Italians stayed in the game

As we know, voters in Calgary have a choice of two options, with 56% voting for them "No". The Canadian Olympic Committee stated that the result of the referendum was a big break.

After Calgary had been removed from the planned project, only European delegates – Swedish Solar and the purpose of Italian towns Milan and Cortina dAmpezzo – are still among the storytellers ZOH 2026.

The unit will arrive in June 2019

In addition, the future for the Swedish bid is not sure that the government is suspending the cost of cashpayer's money organized by Olympic Games; Winter. On the other hand, the Interior Minister of Italy, Matteo Salvini, said the week that the Milan and Cortina petition would receive the financial support required by the Italian government.

The 2023 edition of the ZOH will be known in detail on June 24th of the following year. As well as Calgary, the Turkish Erzurum was finally ranked, but at the beginning of October he was reluctant to frighten the cost of organizing the event. Previously, they also surrendered Sapporo, Graz, and Sion, Switzerland.

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