Winter Fortnite Winter Competition Employers have been arrested by restaurants


Traditionally, Fortnite's seasonal Skirmishes were closed. Although these events attract enough audiences and theirs; offers invaluable opportunities to those invited, gamers want unofficial players to compete in an open competition for the big wins. Epic Games decided to give it. The result is the winter version this year.

Fortnite Winter Winter has been a Magnet for food

Royale Winter has had a number of problems. The most important among them are the many victims and haunts that oppose the event.

Even the Top Fortnite players are targeted. Gabh Tfue for example. So far, this talented turnover has earned more than $ 465,000 from Fortnite. He first put three times in Fall Skirmishes. Naturally, you would expect it to compete in a winter version.

The open Fortnite Winter competition has been less than fair.

Despite this, he did not do it through the supporters. While he was in Field Fatal, which was destroyed from a view with the woods, he directly affected him. Wall building, he launched behind him, but again to beat him again. The goal was correct, despite the fact that the wall was obviously out of sight. At that time, he was out of his game.

Undoubtedly, Heat was downloaded only because a focus was aimed at. He quickly went out, announcing, "This person's breakdown, bro! I knew that this person was suffering. F-this game … why not play online competitions. It's so bad … I've never been in love to play this game so much. I am Thinking that's why I have so many spectators today, a bro. I see people who enjoy being poor. "

So far, many players have made a complaint about what's happening, but Epic Games has been quite unsuitable. Considering how the unfortunate situation has existed for professional entrepreneurs, we can only think about how difficult it is; It is for unidentified people who want to make a name for themselves.

Some other issues are winter winters

The problems of contamination are very bad, but Winter is in a position; Winter suffering in love or two others. In the first instance, registration has been a hand. Epic did not worry about appointing graduates two days before October Thanks. The event was not just four days after that.

That meant that many players had to stop signing with their families. You can not get involved because of it; and they had to travel at the time of their supporters.

Just to add to the problems, Roy Royale has a pretty strange rules. Epic has boosted agricultural growth as long as it's a? cutting material in half. In addition, by deleting another player, it's a & # 39; rewarding the influenza with some health.

This is why to achieve these features for future competitions. Is Winter Winter really the right environment to do that? With $ 1 million in cash prize up for grebs, & maybe not. It is recommended that Epic does not; bringing this competition as big as others. But there is any competition with a big big purse.

Epic is apparently set out with good ambitions when they organized Winter Winter. But the fact so far has failed to stay up to expectations. If the developer does not take an active task to deal with the wrong issues, the event will be a great hope.

Epic does not even have much time to deal with the problems before the final. The finals for Europe are scheduled for November 30thSouth West The finals in North America will take place on December 11ththPost-Up with Winter Winter developments in our news section in Fortnite.

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