Winter Storm Bruce: Drivers saved in Illinois, more than 2,000 paths were issued


Traveling houses in the northwest center Thanks to the Brus Winter Storm
  • Snow and ice from Winter Storm Bruce has cut traffic.
  • Nationwide, over 2,000 aircraft were deleted.
  • Drivers who were rushed on amazing roads saved overnight in Illinois.

Hundreds of airplane were blown out like heavy snow and high winds from Winter Storm Bruce Bruce traveled unhappy to those who had been in love. trying to get home after Thanksgiving. Motorists were asked to stay off the roads while Bruce was there; adversely affect five states.

Nationwide, more than 2,000 aircraft were deferred Sunday and Monday, according to FlightAware. Over 1,500 of the stadiums were remitted at the O & H Hare in Chicago Airport. The International International Midway in Chicago and Kansas City International was able to see its & Most of their Sabbaths, but they kept theirs, defeat on a Monday morning.

From Monday morning, there were over 250,000 users without power in the northwest, most of which was reported in Illinois, according to

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This is a statue of a state outbreak of the impact of Bruce's Winter Storm on the Midwest.


In Illinois, saving night night snow after your drivers dropped down on their cars on Route 6 near Princeton due to high snow, according to the Illinois State Police.

Ogle Sheriff gave drivers to the County Many state roads were still dangerous for driving on On Monday morning, and as long as IDOT teams were working to clean up, they did not have a timetable about when it was expected that things would be. getting better. Schools in the area were closed for the day.

At the highest in Illinois, they reached up to 300,000 customers Without statewide power on Sunday afternoon, ComEd Spokesman Tom Dominguez said.


There were many reported problems in the Lansing area on Monday morning as Bruce's covered roads with snow and ice. Ionia Sheriff named the "Faithful" roads county in a statement, driving drivers to stop them if there was no necessary travel.

Schools in the Flint area were closed Monday with road roads.


Government. Jeff Colyer said he had a crisis in a bad disaster as a result of a storm of his army overseas. The confirmation allows the use of state and employee resources to assist with response and rehabilitation jobs in the affected counties.

The Kansas Department of Transport gave a precise warning of social media in the early Sabbath: "Try to travel westward – if you are in Kansas NE and trying to go west, STOP A-NIS."

Over 200 miles of Interstate 70, from Topeka to Colorado, were closed for most of the Sunday, and # 39; open around 9 p.m. Sunday night.

A casualty crash started US 400 east of Beaumont, the National Weather Service said. A number of other roads to the east of Dodge City were also closed.

Many catchment areas in Kansas dropped on Monday classes. The University of Kansas impeded classes at the campus at Lawrence and Àrainn Edwards in the Overland Park because traveling was so sad on Sunday.


Near Creston, motorists were involved for more than one hour on Interstate 35. At one point, a bus is split off the road, but was transposed by state trops, WOI-TV Statement.


Interstate 29 was closed from St Joseph to Iowa boundaries due to white illnesses, tweeted for Missouri Patrol. An the road was reopened again despite being still planned in the snow, said MSHP.


Almost all routes were in Nebraska, southwest Iowa, and northwest Missouri, partly covered or covered with snow and snow snow, Channel Channel Nebraska said Sunday was. Even on Monday, teams from the Nebraska Transportation Department said that several roads were still blocked due to snow and ice in the southern part of the state.

KLKN-TV in Lincoln stated that the nearby levels were still running; first answers from arriving at motor rods in the Saline and Jefferson counties.

Patrol State Nebraska closed west of I-80 for Sunday morning on Saturday between Lincoln and Omaha due to an accident, including bumblebee truckers built throughout the road. At least one person was injured.

Emergency snow issues were cited in several Nebraska communities, KWBE Statement, including Fairbury, Beatrice, Town of Nebraska.


On Saturday, Patrol Highway Colorado said there was a 20-pile 20-carriage, which included a jackknifed barbarian, and the East Interstate 70 closures near Frisco for several Saturday hours. Was badly injured.

Around 15 vehicles were spun around 6 miles east of Silverthorne, which had closed the eastern I-70 routes at the moment. Roads on the east side near Pass Vail were also closed due to poor road roads. Emergency trades were opened for line drivers.

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Morning commuters wait for CTA buses near Union station in Chicago. A stormy storm storm caused Midwestern parts early Monday, November 26, 2018, set hundreds of trips and causing slick roads for passengers when they returned to work after end- week of Thanksgiving. (Rich Hein / Chicago Sun-Times over AP)

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