With a little more supply, the dollar will be confirmed under 40 pesos


After being added Six cash exchanges on sale market sale, and five in the retail, the dollar it confirms it Tuesday a little under 40 pesos and 39 pesos, separately, in each section.

Representatives from the exchange square recognize it around it 39 pesos the interbank bank is slightly more active and eliminating help weight, and recycling of more than 8% in the exchange rate last week.

In the prices of Buenosairean banks microcenter the dollar is offered at $ 39.82 for sale, with 15 cents going down.

In a market sale of a sale for $ 38.78, about 27 pounds under the previous closure.

"An exchange rate was always living inside the & # 39; zone without intervention & # 39;, so the Central Bank did not participate in the exchange market and just selling directly to the Treasury National, who used the assets that came out to meet different duties in foreign currency, "said a resident's fund in his last Exchange Balance.

The BCRA was set up for Tuesday as the lowest Free band of the dollar $ 35,929, while "top" was a & # 39; bands standing at 46,496 pesos.

From the middle of November the dollar expand their love, too a company hedgerow raising fund of registrations among founders of investment, with sufficient supply and a stream of pesos that highlights the increase in the exchange rate, following part of the LEBAC renewal last week .

More pesos in the hands of investors, Advocacy rates gradually decline and sent the posts to the end of the year after US money. prices from the beginning of October, in a movement that also anticipated the full strength of the & # 39; come from paying salary, Christmas penalty and December bonus.

"Like Changes to follow closely to stay, in particular – and how it was for weeks – the changing the dollar and interest rates. Here is a framework where some good signage is: a inflation is declining from recent increases, the Current level of account is to be accelerated and it seems that the procurator fiscal goes beyond the goal and, therefore, brings us closer to 2019, "he said. Matias Roig, Portfolio Portfolio Personal Investments. "The face, but was expected, the Continuing activity is & # 39; shows a huge decline"he said.

For the economist Gustavo Ber, the help was helpful from the dollar as a result of "there was more demand for broadcasting in a world and outside uncertainty case. This adds to & # 39; bias reducing the BCRA rates and the depreciation of many money that comes up, expectations and acceleration dollarization of duties in front election hazard for 2019"

From Search for Traders he added "the largest exchange rate that was moved according to the seller and the move local silver medals", in financial support" for purchase to pay end-of-month duties and disarmed behave trade"

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