With an industrial history by Gerhard Falch


With an industrial history by Gerhard Falch

Linz. The elderly VA Industrieanlagenbau, Tech VA and Amag at the age of 71 died.

With an industrial history by Gerhard Falch

While he was a practitioner as Chief Executive, Gerald Mayer (he was always encouraged) and his follower Helmut Wieser (from left) Photograph: hermann wakolbinger

The fact that the Innviertler Gerhard Falch would end his professional position once in the Innviertel who has not been careful care for a long time. Despite this, Antiesenhofener spent his time at Amag in Braunau-Ranshofen. On Tuesday, the former President of the aluminum company (from 2007 to 2014) and VA Tech at the age of 71 died after a long illness.

Falch produces a home business history. Eventually, the manager held a number of business companies. A primary and nursery principal son was learning process engineering and business engineering. After starting his position in Germany, he went to VÖEST ("because he was active all over the world") and became a career in plant engineering.

In the midst of the nationalization crisis, Falch completed a beautiful process in Burma in a precious age, at the age of 38 he was a leader. As a reorganization, the engineer was brought to the board of EBG (electric power), and then joined the integration with Elin.

In 1999, Falch became leader of the VAI reform case. He made Radikalschnitt, saved within a year 120 million euros. "When I went into your VAI, we had almost no moisture, and when I left in 2006, it was the bank of the group," he told OÖN once in a statement.

Falch had never been lost for clear words, his uncertain nature did not respond everywhere: a step came after Siemens had been in a position; getting VA Tech – the complex make-up structures did not respond to their & # 39; manager, who was valued for sickness and manual handling quality. It can inspire people and give them guidance in difficult situations. He became the board chairman of expertise in the AG and Asam company as well as being in the board of Directors of the Intertrading VA.

Johannes Kepler University's honorary doctor was also Vice VP Vice President in Antiesenhofen for 15 years. Many rewards won yesterday. He leaves his wife, Sylvia and two daughters with their families.

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