With atlas, describe how a woman's protection system changes to the mind when it is heavy


Each summary, 250 children in the world were born. For their families, it's an amazing event. For scientists, birth is the result of something that means an attractive paradox: women 's protection system is specially designed to protect against virus invasion, bacteria, fungi, among others, but it provides an opportunity for growth to be developed, which includes genetic material from another. Now, scientists from England, Spain and Germany have been in & # 39; sing for the first time The cell phone is in the communication zone between the phlacent and the woman in the cell. first month of age. In this way, they discovered that molecular devices were making the "immunity" protection system with the presence of growth.

An Atlas varies 35 cells It was published by researchers in magazines Nature of Great Britain. They got it from investigating 70,000 cells of white blood and cells of the phlacent and decidua (the series that creates the heavy uterus), which came from women who had a 39; the fertility between 6 and 14 weeks of movement rose by the license in writing.

Identifying these cell types and the molecular devices that appear in the interaction between a security system; maternal and complexity provide more knowledge to understand the causes of various problems that may arise when they are heavy. "It can be said that there are several ways to ensure a friendly environment between fetal and maternal cells," he said. Group: The first author of work, the biologist of biological scientist Rosento Vento-Tormos, is a postdoctoral practitioner in the surgery of scientist Sarah Teichmann, at Sanger Institute, in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Days after the ovum are attached to the sperm, the blastocyst, which is introduced into the uterus of women. The placenta is also formed in chinensis, the mucosa is the one that is in cover the uterus tightly. There, fetal and maternal cells can communicate. Traditionally, the gut was similar to graft inside females, but thanks to the area of ​​immunization of the immunization of a child, everything was changed. The atlas – also carried out by researchers from the YDEVS Software Development in Valencia, Spain, the Research Center of Algeria in Heidelberg, Germany, and the universities of Cambridge and Newcastle, England – take part in another step in that address.

"In our survey, we have found that cells located in the sequence by side include immunomodulatory molecules, and so, Reduce any type of shlam that can be created by blocking cellular cells which creates a basic structure to & # 39; phlacent, and who attacks the uterus, "said Vento-Tormos.

Its own cells have a photocopy that will help protect their & # 39; mother without attack. The main parts of the phlacent are the trophoblasts. "In one of the difference routes, the trophoblasts are different and attack the deciduous and go to the articles where they are going to do it; Increase the placement of the mother's endothelial and increasing maternal cells, which are essential for increasing the flow of blood. So far, the nutrition changes between their pussies and their mother. On the way, they will meet the cells of their maternal protection and communication. This very special dialogue, which we describe in detail in our article, adding that the fetal and maternal cells are co-operative in the same environment. Indeed, our survey suggests that the defense system could be necessary to attack the trophoblasts, "said Vento-Tormos.

With the atlas, we were "looking" to see the cells in a micro environment and how they "talk" together. " I do not like the word & # 39; tolerate use because the defensive system is not asleep. A maternal protection system is active and has specific functions such as & # 39; help in reconstructing the landstones or helping to absorb a trophoblastic plant; attack the devices and go to the articles. There is a special dialogue between the trophoblasts and maternal cellular cells to make the two cells interact safely, "said a Spanish scientist.

"At present, there is a lot of interest in understanding what media and how the" conversation "or the interface between the translation and the system is Early pregnancy can be pregnant with a child. An understanding of these cells at cellular and molecular levels could contribute to the development of early medicines for behavioral problems determined to end the pregnancy, such as preeclampsia and the restraint of fetal growth, which may have a detrimental effect on maternal and newborn health, "he said. Group: the doctor in chemical sciences, Claudia Pérez Leirós, Chief Inspector of Conicet in the IQUIBICEN, Department of Historical and Natural Sciences at the University of Buenos Aires, which is accompanied by Dr Rosanna Ramhorst; research of a research group that specializes in reproduction of immunology. Preeclampsia disorder can affect up to 5% of pregnant women, it will reduce the weight of blood and cause the death of 76,000 women every year in the world (25% of these deaths are in Latin America).

"The atlas published in the magazine Nature It is very valuable, "said Dr. Pérez Leirós. A description of the different cell numbers that are involved in the initial mother-fetal interference have been pregnant with a baby and his & Identify their possible interaction through new technology to monitor RNA of individually-called cells, called transcriptomics and analysis of information. How did the authors & # 39; sharing data obtained in public domain, this wealth of information will surely be used by researchers from other archives, and will accelerate investigations related to animation and experiences associated ".

In addition to the maths related to a child's pregnancy, the atlas could first be the first problem with a # 39; also informs in order to gain a better understanding of what happens to the immune system when the body gets over-planed by organs from another, or when a tumor is growing. "The environment has been pregnant and similar to cancer," said Roser Vento-Tormos. "In both situations, cells with different DNAs exist. Cancer cells are different due to masses that accumulate in DNA. Despite this, they have their equipment to protect a protection response, in a similar way that occurs with a trophoblastic jellyfish. In this environment, we find that there are defenses of confidentiality similar to those that appear in cancer. "

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