With companion and cumbia, Patrice Evra recorded a video to protect Greece in the middle of the Superfinal


Superfinal of the Copa Libertadores was constrained to follow closely in several countries of the world. The events in the Boca River previously climbed dramatically to the extent to which most of the international media played a " Talk about the few meters from the Monumental park. In the news summary It was installed in hundreds of newsrooms.

Patrice Evra, a French Senegalese football player, was in front of his television waiting for one of the most important games in football history, while at the same time learning the happened in Núñez. From there, Evra saw himself as Argentina showed that he was one of the worst moments for the planet. After that he decided to record and upload a record to his / her; his Instagram account.

With his companion in hand and cumbia in the background, he gave a clear message in Spanish. "Argentina who is sick of the event that has happened between Boca and the River to talk about Argentina," he started. And he continued: "Argentina is a strong and united country"

While he was & # 39; dancing, in a very moving image, formerly a football player in the French team, played two World Cups and who do not have a club at this time, he said: "What's wrong, his brothers? I was drinking someone in front of my TV, waiting for Boca and the River, what's wrong with them? They are beautiful, united and This is not the image of Argentina"

Evra is 37 years old and played the World Cup with France.
Evra is 37 years old and played the World Cup with France.

Evra loves Argentina. Although its roots do not tie it, Sharing different areas by several Argentinians, including Carlos Tevez and Gonzalo Higuaín, are going on to River Plaid practices.

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