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A several diso of the self-kill de Jessica Starr, The entertaining de weather yesterday I workedno there an canal Fox, The e h mph East North Easterlyno yesterday gu less others 10 people yesterday e they put in gu likewise methodology eight yesterday e he did before de to do death an a woman de 35 años, The tooen e away an life.

Starr e self-killno diso after thates de Yes published there do not networks social yesterday I was struggling le get back de one surgeryia carried out le an methodology Lasik SMILE, The want leave de used lens de contact us and right to do problem de myopiaia.

One de an issues yesterday e like le an de an meteornolog Yes an of the canadian Paul Fitzpatrick, The de 56 años, The father de two childños, The yesterday e self-killno and e referno there one letter pnostum a an they deserve non-use yesterday him from 1996.

Paula Remember, The founder of the group de support Lasik Conclusions, The tellno yesterday Yes around de 10 issues mas de self-kill after thates de work le no meEverything.

Remember tell meno yesterday spread de Look for him a an patients an impact about it an dangers de an surgeryia. Here e given a know then de to know yesterday Yes a nujust high de patients yesterday suffer actionia and pain crnonico after thates de yesterday e sometian a an worknon.

Fitzpatrick suffered a snapshot and explained how a needle had a sense of eyes, as well as an unpleasant feeling of burning and drying.

When he killed himself, he left a suicide note in which he talked about his pain; Feeling to kill him.

"I can not get any enjoyment again, but the pain that shoots my eyes inside my head and all my travel … From 1996, pain, pain and more pain, if you read me to be strong enough The last few months have not been misleading. "

Gene and Christine Fitzpatrick of Ontario spoke to the CTV newsletter about their state of affairs. "He destroyed his life, and left many people around him in pain," said Gene.

"I had always used glasses, probably since I was 12 years old and I thought it would be good." He investigated and made sure he was in the best place, "they said.

Canadian doctors can not be & # 39; judge what caused the pain, so Fitzpatrick traveled to Europe and the United States to find a specialist who would help him. He started the healing and took more surgery that he did but did not push, according to Infobae.

An Paul's family, in the months that went up to his death, was so unpleasant pain that he kept on his eyes; most of the time, He already walked with a cannon and planned to move with his parents.

"We did not know what to do, praised craftsmen and took some of it, he was not a person who used toxin to big, but when they were out of sight, he said that his pain was worse, so he kept his eyes to keep most of the time. "

Now your family He believed he had suffered a rare rarely, known as corneal neuralgia, which can damage the eye's eye and cause inconvenience pain.

"If he was aware (in his condition) … he would not be sure he continued with his surgeries," said his brother Kevin Fitzpatrick.

Paul's case is the first pronunciation of laser eye labs in Canada, according to the CTV.

In the last month, Starr said he had "given a hard time" since he went out of an eye hospital by the means of Lasik SMILE. Although the submitted procedure was agreed, it is made by doctors from across the country.

It is not clear where Starr went to his method of work in Detroit. What she knows is working in October and she took four weeks of a stack, and returned for a day in November, but it was a big deal for him and the next day she was back home.

Risk de an surgeryia de eyes lato be

De some 600.000 Americans yesterday e enter a surgeryia eight le lato be, The o LASIK, The only around of the 1% knowledge problems, The but want them yesterday yesterday they are doing, The an problems can to be: pelost de an visionnon, The problems de visionnon, The pain o ardor, The sight de Hello and visionnon mumany, The secun an Administrationnon de Drugs and Food de an United States (TheFDA, The le do not first letters there Englishes).

Ann 2017, The an FDA spreadno a test clinico want assessed an allocationnon of the patient after thates of the LASIK. Around you de an half de an patients there an test developed clear vision who never knew before the surgery, even though their vision was technologically developed.

The Americas American Recovery Council says LASIK has never been a "major reason" of a postoperative problem of someone. Although the families said their relatives lost their work and had been forced to kill themselves because of the difficulties they had developed after LASIK.

LASIK also requires the surgeon to be placed on the front of the "flap" cutting and bending backwards, which increases the risk of the disease and, if the flap is not properly positioned , this can be a & # 39; provides an unnecessary or double sight. .

It is thought that the new SMILE (small lens transfer) is a & # 39; Reducing these risks because the need for much less intake in oats.

Licensed by the FDA in 2016, SMILE to date has a lower appearance of dry eyes after surgery. However, about 2.5% of the patient had a negative impact on these corrections after a year.

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