With "Froom" medicine. As an allergic child of Krupčík, he has been selling asthma from childhood


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Which Froome crossed the Vuelta last year?

The whistle must have been caused by the British cyclist.

Tomas Krupcik, so far the Czech man of success in the biathlon competition in Östersund, has been using Ventolin for years. He had never been faced with commissioners against drugs. It will carefully monitor the risks and the number of people who live.

“I am battling against asthma from childhood, I went to school for allergic victims," ​​she says. "I am discovering that I am getting food and more cold and dusty food. The bronze responds to the drug without drugs, so that they can be as fast as possible at the smooth speed of the cars, they cut and air is so fast that the air will feel like no oxygen and I cannot work with them at racing speed, but it is normal to live with, but not for a race. ”

With the help of the ventolinum Krupcik, he tries to stop these situations and in around 90% of the races he passes.

But sometimes ventolin does not work.

The last time in February at the Soldier Hollow Cup.

"We stayed in a beautiful old inn, there were carpets all over the place, a lot of dust," said Krupcik. "Perhaps this caused a problem in the body, and ventolin didn't help this time."

It felt that the result in the soldier's sail was coming soon. Right on the first subject, after being cut at the regularity it happened, the wind was far worse because of its lung obstacles. Then he started to spring down greatly on the route, from the 34th run in the first round to the 77th in the third round.

Salbutamol at Froom. The material for which crystal buttercups are given is given

"Usually drugs work very hard, but sometimes if their asthma energy is particularly strong, they fail – and I don't," he said. "I can't say in advance what itâ € ™ s a case of necessity will have on the way to me or not."

Of the A-Czech team members, asthma is the only one. In the past, his ventolin was also on the Forked List and he could not use athletes without exception, but five years ago WADA (Global Anti-Doping Agency) said he was t is removed.

“I'm sure it won't help a healthy person. The people who have a pair of pairs are not going to develop, ”said Krupcik.

But according to many different observations of the best sport, experiments do have broad ventolin experiments with those not in mathematics. “In large cases, it may affect muscle performance. That is why cross-country cyclists and skiers are using a lot, ”said Vladimír Dobeš, a Czech team doctor.

Biathlete Tomas Krupcik runs with a ten-kilometer sprint in Östersund, Sweden.

SUSTAINABLE. After the 30th place in the sprint, Tomáš Krupčík moved to the 18th place in Östersund's fury race.

So these athletes are moving to a minimum level of license and they hope to have a positive effect on the muscles. "But there is a danger that the tests will rise," said Dobes. “Because of this, they dressed themselves in exams to see how much time they will spend without getting into trouble. Their drinking results, however, are often affected by their drinking, eating and other consumption. ”

All things can be misused, the company's sports director Ondřej Rybá ag also tells. However, this is not the radical shield that encourages souls for maintaining a long or smaller sport.

"You have been sacrificing that sport for 15 years since you were young, and suddenly you will be hit by asthma, for example from the air, and you should stop," said Fisherman. "In these circumstances, the use of such medicines is appropriate."

Apart from an airplane, asthma is a very bad corticosteroid treatment. Athletes need to free the practice of cures (TUE) for them.

Can I position them with them?

It was very difficult, Dobes said. “You have to register the disease with documents and by introducing spirometry the conditions that cause your asthma. At the same time, you must not carry out the appropriate investigation by any doctor you choose, except in workplaces that are confirmed by the National Intervention Committee. Alternatively, Commissioners can contact you and try you again at any time. "

But there are thousands of doubt about the validity of the exemptions that were granted. The classic skiers events confirm that there are still plenty of athletes trying to stop the system.

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