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Lluís Montoliu heard a reality for Chinese months already on genetic editing. On Monday, the Spanish scientist was 55 years of age and "feeling" when they were; Watching the video in which He Jiankui's expert says "in a messianic tone" two two sisters have been born with deactivated gene until the virus is protected by AIDS. Montoliu, a researcher at the National Center for Biotechnology and president of the International Society for Transgenic Technologies, and the use of CRISPR technology to create rats with rare diseases such as humans, such as albinism. In his vision, the unconnected dangers of the device are still inserted into human embryos for medical purposes. In the case of China, besides that, it is not an application to cure a possessed disease. The mind was healthy. Like Montoliu's regret, an attempt was made for genetic development of humanity.

Question. What do you think of the ad He Jiankui?

Answer. A man must be uncomfortable and accept that we do not yet know what we are telling us. We have already swallowed a lot of news from China that we need to correct or reject. In addition to scientific communication, it is likely that some companies are the research, which companies are named, and so there are interests in the case. Rightful, but interests at the end. Tuesday begins in Hong Kong world of genetic production conference. The best board is there. He has a great deal of publicity and now he has a great courage for couples to ask him; this genetic editorial process.

"The next step is eugenics completely. Do you tell your parents what you want?"

P. Is he behaved?

R. The Pandora box opened. It is an unsuitable cause. It's not a case for a cure. It is a genetic development. The next step is eugenics. They say to their parents, "What do you want?" The collapse was built, and that was what we did not want to happen, but it happened where we knew it would happen: in China. It must be said clearly that this knowledge is illegal in our country and is illegal in many other countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, where there is genetic editing of ways- research in a possible research, but it is not implemented [em uma mãe]South Westerly

P. What do these girls look like?

R. The most commonly used are mosaic girls, with different genetic codes in their cells. It is completely careless. Over 20 or 30 years they can develop an infective disease, where the protection of their body can be reduced; attack their own cells. And the changes in these girls will be given to their children. Biological impact passes girls. Chinese researchers have created a new form of people strongly. The message they submit is terrible. More people want these genes to be extinct in their children. The authors were over two red lines: a human embryo that was edited into a generation was introduced and implemented. And, besides that, there is the demand for genetic development, not a cure.

"The Pandora box was opened. It is unsuitable"

P. Is there a way to avoid such data in people?

R. This year we launched a Society of Investigative Investigation and Innovation in Genealogical Preparation (ARRIGE) in Paris. The group was introduced to Unesco. One of our recommendations is to increase international governance, but we know it's very difficult. There are very few contracts with access all over the world beyond the General Declaration of Human Rights. The time is that there is an international contract for the regulation of genetic governance. China would probably need to have international legislation.

P. What can go wrong in the case of China?

R. Generating genealogy through genealogical development, through CRISPR, is the simplest demand for everyone. Despite this, one of the two sisters appears to have been two copies of the gene; and the other sister is only one of the two copies, as the researcher agrees. I do not believe he's getting it difficult. This shows that they are not capable of controlling the system. Ask me to this researcher to tell us exactly what he did and how, to get it; we can assess the impact of the test.

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