With his trial, “the actor” Bernard Tapie comes into the view


Both old and old ministers appear with five co-ordinators for the purposes of “fraud” and “public money extinguishment” or combination in these crimes.

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Bernard Tapie comes to Paris, Monday, 11 March.
Bernard Tapie comes to Paris, Monday, 11 March. ASSEMBLY EDITORS / NEWS RELEASE

When, in 2013, judges questioned Serge Tournaire and Claire Thépot for Bernard Tapie's refusal, a businessman, an old singer, an old MP, turned down. "Actor". Six years later, on Tuesday, 12th March, at the opening to open the front of the 32S Paris Court of Criminal Court, so this responsibility is for the president to put the presentation.

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The four-week listener will need to examine all the stages of the process, which in 2007 launched to intervene in an effort to resolve the case between Bernard Tapie and Credit Lyonnais, then the right to appeal against an interference award that gave the business a right of 405 million euros for money and moral injury, including the circumstances in which this arrangement was made. The number of steps that could be taken with the complaint, perhaps that Bernard Tapie would be condemned and his five protectors forfeit; t 'Scam'; and "Invitation of public funds" or the problem of these crimes.

Existing trials are currently allowed to follow the form. On Tuesday, she gave an overview of the incredible vigor of the defender and the actor's talent. The president was only half way through her presentation on the matter when Bernard Tapie stopped the matter: "That's what it is [les parties civiles et l’accusation] We deliver for fifteen years! " A little later, when she invited him to come into the bar, he reminded him that the court should go "Hear each part [ses] arguments and some other parties the replied: “On the other hand, we have already heard.” Miracro! " throw the room out for a hearing. "There was a time I would not have needed him …" answering the accused for 76 years.

It is decorated with all the virtues

In the prolegomena – the treaties where Bernard Tapie Adidas sold to Ly Lyonnais in the early 90s and the bankers who sold to Robert Louis-Dreyfus – Bernard Tapie. Its vision of a businessman promised to make the most of its success, t "A Pinault, the Arnault" his career was deterred voluntarily and brutally with his bank's deceitful activities, defending him often!

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