With mariachis included! Do not miss what Vicky Xipolitakis did when he turned 8 months heavy.


Vicky Xipolitakis she is far from being an amazing model and something that can take care of all the cameras of Argentine sculpture. It is logical: since it was discovered animation, a Greek is a & # 39; One of the most remote of his life remains.

But this time, the battle decided to mark eight years of age with her love in a very special way.

That's last night, as long as I am going to; waiting to come Salvador Uriel, the star decided block the house at the door where there was a mariachis and a # 39; attending.

"I've enjoyed the last days and last night I did this with close friends, at 12 o'clock singing them Mariachis and we were chopped, We had drinks without alcohol, we ate sushi and everyone was in pajamas because he was asleep with gifts for all, "Vicky said.

And as if that were not enough, he said on December 5, his friends will send the baby boy to her and Salvador.

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