With Matin – Morocco introducing geophysical use of national geodiversity maps



It was designed and developed by his department, the Minister for Energy, Mines and Sustainable Development, Aziz Rebbah, which launched this Tuesday to implement national geological maps. The day was also celebrated when the Geology, Mines and Power Museum was launched completely.

In an address, the Minister emphasized the importance of national geological heritage (NAP) and shared its responsibilities for protecting, developing and promoting nationally and internationally. nationally.
The ministry, which seeks to support one legal hand 31.13 has the right of access to information and commits an effective and proactive service in the new technological and organizational context, designed and developed. He said the geophysical implementation of national geological maps.
It is a tool for disseminating and promoting spatial geoscience information, which aims to develop geological data from the Morocco geological service, organizing and enabling access to knowledge, and geology. promoting and restoring the geological and geological and mineral mineral mapping of the UK.
The proposal will also anticipate evolution of the data exchange to meet the demands of natural resource management, natural heritage, land use, and natural risk management.
The geo-economic development of the national geoscience maps and how the Museum of Geology hosted the building of Power Mines has been described by the minister as being responsible for doing so. public life, companies or researchers to ensure success.
The appeal, which is made on the official Ministerial website, is the basis for mapping staff with accurate and relevant information from decision-makers.
It also enables minerals, researchers, educators and the general public to emerge from Morocco in geological, geophysical, geophysical, geotechnical and geohydraulic infrastructure. T .
The publication of the geospatial application it covers an area of ​​74,750 km2 is part of the implementation of the national strategy for the development of geological infrastructure and the achievement of commitments about the establishment of a system that will enable simplification. exchange of documents, information and data.

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