With NASA, explore the exoplanet that is covered with a lava 55 Cancri e


From " ball Ascent »is drawn by a ship that slides on a global ocean lavais that in trouble? Recipients of waste are aware that this large draw has been recommended for not long ago Super-Earth 55 Cancri e, my nickname "Diamond diameter", with an unfamiliar traveler group: anExoplanet travel bureau, created by anyone else Nasa.

55 Cancri is the ultimate dream destinationExoplanet travel bureau. You have to go through 41 alone years to go with her and fly over the hot surface, where he is inspired ashore. A & # 39;star It is quick on the horizon yellow dwarf, as our place Sunbut it is 65 times closer to it 55 Cancri e. For those who prefer to keep their legs forward land, and especially for the most reasonable, NASA offers an online trip on this exoplanet, in addition to Trappist-1 e, Kepler-16B and others. You can explore this 360 ° world and get good memories of memories.

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