with surgical exams on the path to infections



by Ilse Romahn

(11.27.2018) According to the Federal Health Education Center, 88,400 people in Germany live with HIV disease. Anyway in this country, it's no longer a death sentence. Surveys show that life expectancy is near to; Most young people are treated with medicines today.

However, early judgment is still important. HIV is also receiving disease with other diseases that are exposed to sex (STIs) such as hepatitis B or C, as well as secondary infections such as kidney failure. On World AIDS Day, December 1, 2018, the IPF states: Scientology research is helping to & # 39; identify early risk factors.

Gay rivers such as emergency diseases in HIV
Hepatitis C (HCV) and B (HBV) are among the most common diseases that may occur with HIV infection. Experts see the reason that the attractive routes are similar. In people with HIV, the risk of hepatitis B is cronized three to five times higher. In addition, hepatitis infections are more common with HIV. Those who have affected cirrhosis and cancer the liver grew more often and earlier. Therefore, there are special societies such as the German Society for Infectious Diseases and AIDS Aid in Germany suggesting that HIV-related people are regularly monitored for hepatitis. For this reason, surgeons from a blood sample will prove appropriate antibodies.

Determine the kidney seizures in time
The virus virus can damage organs to their organs directly or indirectly. These include, among others, the habitats. Their boundaries are declining, they can be able to; eliminating evergreenism is worse. In addition, the drugs against HIV disease are also profiting the habitats. So, expert German AIDS scientists Hilfe said that the areas will be inspected once or twice a year. Surgeons who use samples and blood cells to explore and evaluate creativity and urea values. Ensure the values ​​of protons and electrolytes are correct. This shows how good & # 39; The habitats work.

More information can be found in the article "In Focus: Infections Transmitted Infections" and the IPF "Alarm Disease" and "Inflammation of Liver" IPF. It can be downloaded free at www.vorsorge-online.de. If you do not have access to the internet, you can make an order in writing at the IPF shipping service, PO Box 27 58, 63563 Gelnhausen. Make sure you include the IPF label title, full name and address.

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